The Adventure Begins


1. Create Fun and Adventure for all my dates

2. Disciplined training for half marathon

Last week was a total blur. When I get busy with work, I was only focusing on the task in front of me, up until now (Thank Thomas for the coaching J) Last week, I set up three dates for this week but had no plans to create fun or adventure. After doing some research today, I planned out the three dates for the week. Tuesday’s date will be going to a ‘Relationship Transformation’ talk, Wednesday is visiting Rubin Museum, and Thursday is SOS Escape Room. I proposed the ideas to my dates and just now waiting to hear back. Either way, it is quite telling to see what my dates are up for something new or they prefer the interview.

As for marathon training, I am going to follow the Runners world plan for half marathon. I will run 4 times per week on Tuesday morning, Wednesday night, Friday night, and Sunday morning. I also joined the runners group so there are some additional motivation and accountability. My commitment is to beat my time from 2 years ago at 1 hr 43 minutes.

Since the meeting last week, my roommate and I talked about moving back to NYC when our lease expires. We are currently living in Jersey City and the apartment is huge with a big balcony. It’s going to quite a sacrifice moving back but we think it will be worth it from a lifestyle standpoint.


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