What am I pretending not to know?

Currently feeling like I set my goals in the realm of fantasy and not reality. Not the first time for me. I remember in LP this was pointed out to me many times. I think it stems from my belief that anything is possible. When I am not creating possibilities it’s a little hard to create results. That brings me to the real result of only completing 50% of my PSP goals so far for the March 1st deadline. I still have 2 days, but WHAT AM I WAITING FOR? I am so quick to excel when I am on a team, but lazy when I am doing something for myself.  I keep thinking about the question “What are you pretending not to know?” I haven’t heard my answer yet. Maybe tonight’s meditation.

So what are some of the great things I’ve been up to? Well I bought more fresh vegetables and fruit than we have been able to consume and every meal is filled with them. Yay fiber. I have been trying all sorts of new healthy recipes and even did a meal exchange with my family. We also have been able to go on some very long walks in nature, which I love. Still need to create a daily exercise practice- starting to think evenings may be better than mornings. I get to look more at my way of Being and tap into my vision regarding my wellness. No more waiting. Enter beast mode.



3 thoughts on “What am I pretending not to know?

  1. Despite having a 3.5 month old baby you are still finding time to take long walks etc. That’s pretty good. It’s good to see what time of day works. Any support that you need. Would exercising with someone else help? Any friends who can support you?


  2. I second what Scott said… This is impressive… But where do you need support? Also, from experience I’ve had with friends who’ve had babies, remember it took 9 months to gain all that weight, give yourself nine months (at least) to lose it.


  3. “Yay Fiber.” 😂

    Ok, but for real now… “No more waiting. Enter beast mode.”
    I’ve heard about your Beast Mode, but wonder what it means for you & everyone else.
    Can you tell us more about this:
    What does Beast Mode feel like to you? Are you in the flow or anxious?
    Are you more or less attuned to others, +\- empathetic?
    How sustainable is Beast Mode?
    What creates the pressure for you or triggers it and makes you feel you must (get?) to go there?
    What’s the reaction of those around you? Do they welcome this or feel that there’s no space for them?
    Wondering about this and more – can you share?


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