Fail to Prepare.. Prepare to Fail

I am making progress on creating a lifestyle in which I am eating healthy meals as a way of life.  I slacked a little bit, mainly as I had some extended birthday celebrations with family and some friends.  I still remain very mindful.  When I started on the initial cleanse phase of this program I was very good in planning a preparing my meals (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack.   Although Prepping Meals can be time consuming, it is so effective for me in that I know exactly what to eat and leaves less room for me to make poor choices.  Last night I was a little lazy and was not in the mood to go grocery shopping.  However, I was able to make some meals with what I had.  Preparing is so essential and I reap the benefits when I put in the time and effort.

Below is some ground chicken and vegetables.   I have discovered seasoning is my friend.  I also made another chicken dish and prepared accordingly. Definitely not my best meal but made for a good lunch and snack.



This week I was productive but I get to better manage my resources and team to make it easier to achieve my goals.  20 contacts to customers / vendors for me is still a stretch but is something that I get to work on.  The existing business and administrative tasks still occupy some of my time.   M, who is working with me is catching on and willing to take on more roles.  The more administrative task that I can give to M and others the better I will be.  The person who is working on a new website is finally making traction and it should be complete on March 1st just in time for the tradeshow.

We are also preparing for a big tradeshow that takes place in Chicago.  We are exhibiting with some partner companies and this give me the chance to meet with many different people and to create new opportunities.

I leave for Chicago on Saturday and will be there for one week.



One thought on “Fail to Prepare.. Prepare to Fail

  1. Great news about the food! & yes! seasoning IS your friend! 😄

    What makes 20 people a stretch?
    Being – anxious, unprepared, resistant, etc.?
    Doing – takes more time in the day than you allot?

    Once you ID what’s in the way, what steps can you take to shift?

    Also, what difference will speaking with 20 people make for you that you won’t get with 5, 10, or 15? What’s behind that #?

    My sense is that it’s a bit arbitrary, which may be part of the resistance to complete it. How can clarifying your ultimate goal and how that relates to 20 support you in maintaining the calls?


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