Week 2

It slowed down a bit this week. There has been a lot of things going on at work, we are moving back to an internal expense management system that I helped design 5 years ago and I’ve been working late most nights.

I managed to get to Yoga on Monday night and as I told my buddy, I hate every minute I’m in that class but I feel good once I’m done. What I like is the feeling of being more relaxed and connected to my body afterwards even though during the class I feel like I’m going to fall flat on my face at any time.

I had more success with meditation. I have been spending 10 minutes before I go to bed, focusing on my breath which helps me relax. Friday night’s meditation prompted me to want to spruce up and do some spring cleaning. On Saturday morning I decided I wanted navy curtains for my bedroom and found great ones at Century 21 for $15 !

As far as working on my photography, I went to class and learned about how to shoot in different lighting situations. I didn’t shoot over the weekend as I got caught up with doing things around my apartment. I went out tonight after work to get some practice in and also scope out some locations to go back with a tripod and do some long exposure shots. I find its very easy to be exited about photography when I’m traveling, I just want to feel that way about it when I’m in my own city.

I did have a nice surprise this week. One of my friends I grew up works with me, in a different department. He sent me a message yesterday that his Mother was in the office visiting and wanted to know if I wanted to come say hello. Of course I went, our mothers were very good friends and I have not seen his mum for over 20 years. I got quite emotional seeing her as my mum passed away 8 years ago.

This week I’m creating motivation and opportunities to get out in the fresh air and inspired by my buddy, to notice the miracles around me.

Tonight’s shots trying to capture the fog in the city.





3 thoughts on “Week 2

  1. Ooh! Love those shots!

    Even better to see that you’re finding ways to create despite not always feeling it in the moment!

    What can you do to shift your expectations of those events (meditation, yoga) in advance knowing that you’ll enjoy it after?


  2. really beautiful photos. sounds like a very emotional, but rewarding interaction with your friend’s mom and how cool you work with a childhood friend. did you help each other get the jobs?


  3. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos! And your experiences this past week have helped me look deeper at things in my life.


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