Eyes on the big picture

I’m voice dictating this post as I walk – figure it’ll save time and likely be more from the heart.

At the risk of sounding repetitive, has it seriously only been a week since my last post??? Once again it feels like a month; so many different things that happened. Once again a mixed bag, but despite the down parts I’m feeling good overall.

Where to begin… The weekend was really tough- I spent most of Friday night, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night down for the count, taking lots of drugs to address the latest IVF happenings. Tuesday – Thursday were much better, and tonight I had a mini procedure – I’ll feel the effects over the next 24 hours  and am hoping it won’t be too awful. I’m keeping my eyes on the big picture and feeling hopeful.

As always, Hadar is a champ and has taken care of me. On the self-care front, i did a good job too, largely out of necessity – I didn’t feel well enough to do it any other way! After laying low for a couple days, we took a quick break on Sunday for a fun impromptu date – a walk, museum and late lunch at a fun restaurant.

Over the last week or two I started walking around the reservoir in Central Park. I’m not able to run at the moment but have fallen in love with the 1.6 mile walk around the water. Doesn’t hurt that it’s been beautiful weather. People often talk about how they get addicted to exercise – that’s definitely never happened to me. But this week I’ve found myself itching to do it. Last night I ran out of work, racing against the sun and hoping to make it home in time before the sun went down. I missed it, but still walked around the neighborhood and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I think my body is craving the exercise.

Work has continued to be awesome. It’s that great combo of work I find interesting, compelling and meaningful; a team of smart, passionate people; and a hands-off independent yet team-oriented environment.  I’m getting good feedback, taking on new projects and am conscious of the balance I’m creating between demonstrating confidence and asking for support. That’s the being and doing balance. And again, while it’s quiet at the beginning, I’m able to breathe and take it at a good pace. (Remind me of this in 2 months when I’m craaazy busy).

I feel on track with my goals for March 1 and I look forward to diving deeper in the coming week. My goals for the week: self-care this weekend, fun and celebration with friends and weddings, moving forward a big initiative that has been languishing for the company and supporting Hadar with his incredible fundraising dinner. Love to all.


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