This past week was great. I got inspiration and good tips while talking to my buddy. Our little family took some long walks and I made some yummy recipes that were super healthy. Friday to Sunday we spent at my parents house and between a surplus of food and rainy weather, I’m feeling like I took “two steps back”- blah. Thankfully, this post also feels like a reset. I find that being around family poses a big challenge for me and my goals. Food is a social and celebratory thing in my extended family, and right now I am feeling like spending time with them is a win but then I am losing with my wellness goals. I get to look at how to create the win win here. I am going to idea storm with Garrick and see if there is a mechanism we can put into place that allows for more moving our bodies and less eating during these family gatherings. I get to look at ways to incorporate healthy foods into our gatherings too.

Looking forward to connecting with my small group tomorrow night. I’m feeling super sleepy, so going to keep it short. Sending sweet dreams to all of you.


2 thoughts on “Family

  1. i’ve had similar issues. i went through a phase of bringing green apples with me. so when everyone is eating a cheese platter, i have something to chomp on.


  2. so feels this…we have 2 big meals a week – fri night and sat lunch for Shabbat – and I overdo it EVERY week. It’s crazy how bad my habits are around this.
    I might add one thing that I found has helped me is literally getting up and walking away from the table for a little bit…if I stay in my seat I can keep eating all day long. As soon as I stand and the food moves around a bit my brain and stomach are both in the “woah, boy, you’ve had more than your fill” space, which helps me control the eats.
    Don’t know if your get togethers are usually standing/seated, but if seated, you may want to see if this can work for you as well.


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