Week 3 – Deliriously Grateful

I’m not well.  I have a nasty cold and have been just trying to get through the last couple of days.  But I said that I would blog on my blog day so I am keeping to it.

March feels turbulent.  I explained in my last post the polarizing feelings I experience around birthday time, not to mention this crazy weather.  I am feeling all of that both in my relationship and my work as well. But where I find the pillar of consistency, love and empathy is with ya’ll and I have much gratitude for that.  This community has become such an integral part of my life.  You are my friends, my family, my inspiration.

So thank you to my buddy, my small group, Scott for reaching out for Inspo Cap’n and all y’all.  I will say that there is a lot of wisdom in the structure of PSPLife.  So keep to it and things will get accomplished!

I picked up a hand processor from my mother, so more soup is in the future.  I am taking next week off for a staycation and am stoked to have no plans!!!

Time for sleep!





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