Week 4

The past week I’ve made the decision that its time to open myself up to new possibilities for changing jobs. I’ve been afraid to look since being single, my job provides a good living and stability. Playing it safe does not always mean that there is opportunities for personal growth and its apparent that I’ve out grown what I’ve been doing. This week my focus will be on updating my resume. (which I have not done in years) and begin reaching out to people I know outside the company for networking opportunities.

Photography- thanks for the feedback on last weeks photo. I shared it in class and received a nice critique. We were not allowed to give the background on the photo until after everyone made their comments on it. I took the photo when I was in Cambodia. Its  a beauty salon inside the local market. There was no natural light and I had a fixed 50mm lens on the camera so I had to close to the door to get the shot. I liked the colors, the reflection of the light off the mirror and that I captured them working, unaware of the camera.

I’m making some progress on my health goals. I’ve been meditating before bedtime and I’m feeling calmer and more centered than I was a few weeks ago.

This week is always difficult, I lost my father 17 years ago on March 12. This year I decided to go watch the sunrise in Long Beach and say thanks to the universe for allowing him to be my father. I think he would have been shocked that I was actually up that early as he always used to tease me about sleeping so much as a teenager.

I think he would have liked this these DSC_9629



3 thoughts on “Week 4

  1. I found the part about your dad quite touching and it reminded me to stop and think about what’s important. Thank you. Great pictures!


  2. Are you kidding me? These photos are incredible. There are a million sun-on-the-ocean photos, too, but these ones make me feel something. Sorry, I’m not in this cycle, but sometimes I look at the blog for inspiration (or when the babies are keeping me up, lol). I am a fan of your work!

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