Week 5

Ok this is going by really fast. I feel like I have accomplished a lot in some ways and not enough in others. I’m always too hard on myself.

Health goals are not as far along as I would have liked. I have not lost weight but I have gained a 2.5% increase in muscle mass. I’ve read that you usually gain muscle mass before you start seeing a weight loss so hopefully this is a good sign.

I have been resistant to writing my resume. I have not looked for a job in 13 years and although I know that I may not leave immediatley the thought of it does freak me out.  After speaking to my buddy last night, she recommended a resume swap and buddy system to help motivate me. I’ll be reaching out to one of my fellow PSP lifers soon!

For photo class this week we had two assignments. Create a visual narriative story out of 5-10 photographs and take 3 photos to merge into HDR.

For my story I’m doing the day I meet a friend in the East Village for lunch. I’m not very strong doing street photography in NYC so this has been a stretch for me. Here is one of my favorites from that day.


My HDR photo came out pretty well. This technique is when you take three or more photographs at different exposures and merge them together into one.  My teacher is going to show us how to do this in class tomorrow night, but I googled how to do it in Lightroom and it was  easy. This is definitely try this technique again.


I’ve been listening to a podcast hosted by a wildlife photographer that I follow on IG. He was stating all photographers, no matter what their level should have a portfolio of their best 20 photographs. I found that very encouraging so I started to go through mine and select some from each trip I took last year. This week I’m committed finalizing my 20 photos and sharing them.



One thought on “Week 5

  1. I like how you shared the positive to your goal and reminded me that there is a process and journey. Thank you! Yes, job searching can be a process. A swap sounds really nice. Is there a way to break this down so it is not overwhelming? I love the pictures and developing an appreciation for what’s involved in creating great images. Your share also reminds me that we live in a world with so many resources at our fingertips – instagram, youtube, etc.


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