Backlog post

This a post from previous week, which I never got to post. Catching up

Week 1

The journey is not starting very well. I’ve spent the week on painkillers after a foot procedure, sleeping most of the days away and not progressing in my wellness goal: not working out at all and eating takeout (somehow healthy). No surprisingly, I did not lose any weight. I managed to meditate 4 days out of 7, but 2 times probably don’t count as I ended up falling back asleep. Not exactly the type of relaxation it was supposed to bring.

Achieving my creative goals for the week went much better: I was able to edit couple of hundreds of backlogged travel photos, sorted them into albums and created 6 new listings for my jewelry Etsy store.

However, I noticed more and more anxiety around writing about myself as my posting day drew near. It feels that, unless I have some great results to write about, which at this point I don’t, I’m just wasting people’s time to read about my banal day struggles. Should I just wait till next week until I have something important to report? That sounds like a great idea. Next week will be better and so will my blog post. More worthy of people’s time for sure…


3 thoughts on “Backlog post

  1. Yes, I agree. The journey is important and you may inspire others as well (you never know..). It seems like you are secretly building this empire. I would love to see more. Is there another way you can show your accomplishments, photos, videos, whatever works for you?


  2. hey buddy – congrats on getting this post up!
    Can you post a more comprehensive overview of what you’ve been up to? You’ve created some great things, would love for you to share with the group!!


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