VT: Feelin’ myself

So this is my second blog post of the cycle. And a lot has happened. I’m happy to say that I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been with myself as an adult woman. I feel like I finally put in the work and commitment necessary to see some lasting changes in myself.

As for my goals to improve my sex and dating life as well as learn InDesign it has morphed a bit. I found myself taking more time to improve my relationship with myself overall. I started taking my finances way way more seriously. I started looking into a new spiritual practice. I began to learn Photoshop and InDesign. I consulted and traveled. I started working out. Yeah, a lot has happened. And I feel like the dating and love will come, but it’s not so much of a focus as it has typically been in my life.

So I feel like a winner. And that’s pretty cool.


One thought on “VT: Feelin’ myself

  1. I like how you took the time to be with your goals and to absorb feedback from others related to the goals to determine what was really underneath and what you wanted to accomplish.
    I’m experiencing you as a happy person and one who is accomplishing so many amazing things – professionally, with a great side gig that has you travel the world and generally enjoy.
    Love seeing this!


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