Cheers from Florida

Cheers from Florida!  I decided to take a last minute trip as my parents are spending the month of March here.  My mother was really encouraging me to visit so decided to surprise them. This month has been busy with being in Chicago for a tradeshow and having visitors from overseas in which we traveled together the following week.  I have a lot of follow up and planning from the first two weeks of March but had to seize this opportunity.  Literally on Friday afternoon I booked via frequent flier miles for  a Saturday morning departure.  I am here till Wednesday.  I felt it was a good chance to connect with my parents and with some other relatives and friends who live here.  It’s been nice to choose connection and to have it all.  I have been working a bit while down here but have been making time to enjoy family, friends and the nice weather.

Naomi spoke in one of her Inspiration Captain Posts about starting the day and declaring what I am going to achieve both from a doing and creating perspective.  I agree with this and  I really get to set the tone on my day even when on vacation.  I have not taken a lot of vacations since going out on my own and I sometimes feel guilty when I am not being “work productive”. I have been making  conscious efforts to be present and this is from me taking a step back to determine what  is important to complete and what can wait.  I get to work on this one step further from a being perspective.  I never regret when I choose to be present.

I have really enjoyed myself over the past days.

My eating goal has been pretty good.  I was not 100 percent perfect in following my meal planning prep “perfectly” but I was quite aware and  successful in making healthy choices particularly when I was at the tradeshow and this week on vacation. I managed to enjoy myself while being healthy.  The goal is to be healthy and balanced.

My work goals have been pretty good as well as I have increased sales opportunities. I am still working on being more efficient to process inquiries.  I plan to allocate more resources in hiring more people and creating a better system to effectively support the increased amount of sales activity.  There has been some trial and error over the past year but I have definitely learned a lot.
I can’t believe Cycle 9 is coming to an end.

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