Week 6- How did this go by so fast?

I cannot believe its is week six.  For my health goal I made it to the gym a couple do times but had to cancel yoga last night because I had to stay late at work. This past weekend I cleaned out my closet and have two large bags of work clothes that I am donating to a clothing drive at work. I was feeling very motivated to clean more but crashed on Saturday. Friends are arriving on Thursday with their kids, I have  good size apartment but 5 people staying here is going to be a little tight. It stresses me out to have that many people, especially this friend who is a bit OCD. Last time she was here she scrubbed my kitchen, took my mum’s china pieces out and put them around the house. It took me two days after she left to figure out where she put my blender.  This time I committed to speak to her about boundaries and not moving my stuff!

I have not done a single thing about my resume. Have not opened it or not looked at it. I did reach out to a former manager who is now at a different company and old him I was open to finding a new job. I’m having lunch with him on Thursday and hope to have some feedback about what areas I should focus on.

For my creative photography goal; I completed my last class last Thursday. Overall I got some things out of the class, but I think going forward I try to do workshops with more accomplished photographers. I’d rather spend my time actually shooting with someone than class room lectures.

I mentioned last week that I’ve been listening to a podcast by a Wildlife photographer and he was stressing the importance of having a portfolio and a place that you control what you share. So using the OWTF, I took the the leap and not only selected my portfolio photos. I have now web site.  www.lcampbellphotos.com

I’m really excited about this. It gives me a creative outlet and lets me show exactly what I want without the limitations of other platforms like FB or IG. I think this will help be grow and motivate me to keep getting out there and get new material for the site. It also allows me to share my photos with family who are not on social media sites. I’ve shared it with a few people and its been really nice to get such positive feedback.

Before this PSP Life cycle I didn’t think my photos were good enough yet to share on a private website, but I feel like I’m heading in the right direction and I have all you to thank for giving me the encouragement.



2 thoughts on “Week 6- How did this go by so fast?

  1. First off, I want to point out that you were taking on a lot this cycle. We aim for a big goal and acknowledge that most people have other things going on, so it makes sense to have 2 goals.
    You had at least 3 areas you were working on in a short space of time, so be fair with yourself about your objectives and accomplishments to date.
    Your portfolio is beautiful – you have a wonderful eye with the camera and thank you for sharing with us!

    What would be the one thing that if accomplished this week, would be a difference maker in how you feel about your goals?

    Would it be revising your resume? Signing up for a photographer workshop? You can do either of those easily enough in one week.

    What is available if you say no to almost everything else and focus on the thing that matters most to you?

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  2. Your photos all feel like a portal to somewhere else. It’s like when you see some incredibly beautiful or inspiring scene in person, and you hurry to take a photo to capture it but then look at the photo later and it isn’t at all right — but yours are. Somehow they seem to incorporate that seeing-the-amazingness-in-person quality. Definitely keep going! I would consider trying to sell them too.


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