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I have no idea where to begin.

Last week SNL had a skit that showed Ivanka Trump (played by Scarlet Johansen) in a perfume ad, the perfume was called Complicit; for the woman who could make it all stop right now.

I’ve been telling some friends that I was “struggling with trust” in my relationship, but I was really struggling with fear of listening to my intuition because I wanted my relationship to work, because I loved him, because in the past I ran when I got scared.  

J and i were going to attend a conference together, but canceled the trip because of money.  I told my sister yesterday that, maybe because of the stress of a move, I had thought, “what if Jason went on the trip without me?”  She responded, “girl, you are crazy”… but he was really hard to get a hold of all weekend, which only happens when he travels or he’s on call. And he was “sleeping in” (hello time change) and calling me later in the mornings before work.  I even came right out and said it to him, that I had the thought maybe he went without me, that it would have been ok of he did, and he said, “no, of course not, I am so sad we can’t be together right now!”  But last night, when he didn’t call me after work, and 8 o’clock rolled around, I called his hotel in California.  I asked for his room.  They transferred me.  And he answered.  

He’s been lying to me for a long time. And I’ve been ignoring my intuition and “working on trust”.  From here, I get to work on trusting myself.   I was completely Complicit in this entire… do you call this a relationship?  Whatever it was, in the recesses of my brain and heart, I simultaneously sought out and feared…it.  I talked myself into it, and that’s not love, that is a desperate woman trying to rationalize something that’s not right.  I hoped the best of him.  

I am still in shock, I didn’t sleep last night.  I haven’t cried.  One of the thoughts I had as I tossed was the Turn-around from the Byron Katie Judge your neighbor worksheet; you take your judgement: he lied to me a thousand times (yes, I have a flair for drama), and turned it to “I lied to myself a thousand times.”  And it’s true.


5 thoughts on “Read me

  1. It’s hard. We all have work to do on ourselves. And we want to live in trust and abundance. It makes sense that you would power through uncomfortable feelings not knowing for sure if it was your shit or real shit.

    I’m here for you always. Please reach out for support if and when you need.

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  2. You’ll cry when you’re ready (or maybe you won’t). Grief comes at unpredictable times. In the meantime, try to remember that you are a wonderful human with so much love to give and you deserve the same in a partner. Here to talk/listen/sit in silence with you anytime.

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  3. I am really sorry this happened to you. It’s so not right. There is nothing worse than being lied to by someone you love. I appreciate you shifting to responsibility so you can learn something from this (lord knows I wouldn’t be able to, not that fast anyhow), but, Jesus. You should be able to believe/trust the person you are in a committed relationship with. Ugh. I will say that, after my divorce, my Advanced Ed “angel” had me do a session with her psychic (for $250… lol). I don’t recall getting much out of it, but I remember he said my divorce (and my ex-husband mistreating and cheating on me) was a gift. That because of the magnitude of the pain I experienced, I was now clear on what I wanted and needed from a man and would not settle for anything less. I think he was right about that. This is really, really, really shitty — but I believe that, looking back, it will end up being something that leads you to the person you deserve.

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  4. I feel your pain. I am impressed that you chose to trust your intuition and it lead you to truth, however painful. You deserve to be with someone you don’t need to check in on to feel safe and secure. And this other man is out there!

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