The last day or the first day?

PSP lifers, I am excited to see you all today. To celebrate and support each other in our ups and downs.

As I sip coffee this am and eat a delicious breakfast I made I sit down to write this post feeling complete.  My biggest wins of the week were attacking everything in a new way let’s say more of not attacking. I like to call it relaxed focus. My come from has been lighter as I approach my daily task and goals and outcomes.

Lesson of the week: I read an awesome article about the eight fold path of buddhism. It was written towards lifters and the lessons apply towards my tennis and life. I will be taking this on and practicing going forward. Here is my summary:

The eight behaviors  to help alleviate suffering cycle. They are the final piece of the puzzle in the Buddha’s discussions about the reality of our discomfort and how to alleviate it :

  1. Right View- We all think we know what we want in a workout or a program. We want to be stronger, but do we have a realistic view of what this is?Right view allows for change and failure without judgment.
  2. Right Intention- It is our intention that builds on itself, not our behavior. Our behavior follows  our intention.  Is intention not to lose? “What do I want to get out of this?”
  3. Right Speech-Some ways to check in if you are using right speech:
    • Are you honest or do you feel people need an embellished version of yourself?
    • Can you express failure?
    • Can you discuss failure?
    • Do you actually tell people your accomplishments or do you embellish?

    Right speech is the ability to be an unapologetic and authentic version of self without clinging to the created and fabricated version we think people need to see.

  4. Right Action-We must learn how to “not know” everything so we can truly connect to the situation in the moment. For the athlete, taking right action directly involves the mind-body connection. i.e Learn the necessary action for that specific moment. Give your breath to the body part that is strained.
  5. Right Livelehood- to establish right livelihood is to learn how to practice all major areas of your life in a giving and fulfilling manner without attachment or avoidance. Harmony is the goal
  6. Right Effort- We cannot see effort as a means to an end. Effort is the end. If we are able to truly accept that our right effort is the goal of training, then it prevents us from making the mistake of attaching to our ego.
  7. Right Mindfulness- To repeat a behavior thousands of time without a full mindful focus is a definitive contributor to stalling in the weight room. he ability to focus on the present moment without judgment
  8. Right Concentration- Right concentration means you can be singular in focus and compassionate in application. Compassion is a key component in allowing us to concentrate without judgment. Allowing for compassion creates the opportunity to pursue goals without judgment. This creates the opportunity for concentration without the distraction of shame.

I am especially resonate with getting to work on # 8. I will be coming back to these day in and day out on my journey.

Here is the full article for those interested:



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