Kyla – setting baseline for siiinging goal

It’s not my blog day, but since it’s the beginning of the cycle, I need to set my baseline for my singing goal (minor goal).  The object of the goal is to strengthen my singing voice, which has weakened from underuse ever since my twin pregnancy (which majorly squished my organs).  I’m measuring my progress via 4 songs, each a little more challenging than the prior one.  I’m posting below a 90-second rendition of Song 1, then will post a new rendition of it at the first marker to hopefully show improvement after faithfully doing vocal exercises every week.  I’ll do the same thing for Songs 2-4.

Song 1 is “Letting Go” by Suzy Boggus. It’s about a girl turning 18 and leaving her home and her mother to go to college/start her adult life. I left El Paso, TX at 18 for Honolulu, HI. I was dying to leave my whole life, and especially toward the end, but saying goodbye is never easy. This song captures that feeling for me — hopeful but mournful, and thus bittersweet.


5 thoughts on “Kyla – setting baseline for siiinging goal

    1. I remember you singing at Jill’s wedding and thinking how beautiful and talented you were. Excited to see that you’re getting back to what you love to do.


  1. I love your commitment to singing and self expression. Way to proactively set your baseline. Keep the songs coming.


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