Week 1 – PSP 10 _Kicking it Off!

After a frustrating 48 hours, I’m starting to focus on regaining balance and focusing on being centered.

Why have I been frustrated? I came home Sunday to a note from my super and was told I had to remove my air conditioner from my living room window because it extended into the fire escape. I have no choice because the fire escape extends across both living room windows. I now have to purchase a new portable air conditioner, an expense I was not expecting to this month. At work I have an employee who is not meeting performance expectations and I’ve been picking up the slack month reports which go to senior managers can get out on time, otherwise my department and my managers look bad.  I had to speak to him last week about performance and I will have to address it again tomorrow.  Then today I got a call from my friend who has been staying with me. She had a surgical procedure and they would not release her unless someone picked her up.

I had to cancel all my afternoon meetings to go get her out in the far suburbs of Queens and what upset me was that she  didn’t tell me that she was having this procedure. Had I known, I would have happily made arrangements to take her there and pick her up. It was a reminder for me and I told her, its ok to ask for help, she does not have to go through this alone.

To shake the day off I went for a power walk through my neighborhood, signed up for a May 13th class with the Art of Intuitive Photography, took a free web lesson on Lightroom import features and explored a nature walk in my neighborhood.

The nature walk is at the end of my street and the entrance is an overpass over the Grand Central Parkway that goes to a pond. I have never gone there because the place honestly the enterance gives me the creeps. Today I decided to explore it and about 5 minutes in, decided its not a place I should be alone. Part of the path was swamp and over grown with tall reeds, so I turned back but not before snapping a few photos.

For my photo challenge, week one was to take a photo using the rule of thirds. This rule is to imagine a photography to be split into 9 equal squares using tow vertical and two horizontal lines. Then place your subject along the intersection of one of the lines so the subject is off center or equally aligned. Its a basic technique but keeping in with my challenge, I used a 50mm fixed lens which required me to get the right angle and alignment. I thought the results looked better in B&W. Here is the results.


I also took a photo of this tree because I liked it the contrast of textures between the fence that was cut to go around it, the hole in the trunk and the blue paint.



4 thoughts on “Week 1 – PSP 10 _Kicking it Off!

  1. Sorry to hear about all those things occurring at the same time. The unexpected items can challenge our balance and sounds like you found a good way to step aside and create some time for yourself.

    What happened to looking for a new position? Is that no longer a priority?


  2. Love that second photo – if you glance at it quickly it seems like a beautiful choreographed work of art. Then you look again and see that’s it’s a fence and an old tree with paint on it. Very cool.


  3. Laura,

    I’m really impressed with your shifting – you noticed your anger and frustration and found ways to support yourself. Highly self evolved stuff there. I love LOVE the b&w photo… I think it’s stunning. Thank you for sharing some of your technique, it’s really interesting. Xoxo, buddy.


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