On a Peaceful Rainy Day

On a peaceful rainy day, I am laying down writing my first post of the cycle.  Fridays are my start to the weekend so I spent the morning listening to an inspiring podcast and connecting with a few friends. The fact that I am describing a rainy day as peaceful is a reflection of my being. Before I would let the fact that it was raining ruin my day. Now I woke up and felt at ease like it was perfect that it was raining on the day I dedicated to me.

First as for my spiritual discovery process: This week I would like to share a few quotes or ideas that really stuck out to me. The first was about a way to view Legacy. In LP we think of legacy as our project what will we leave behind to carry on. The take on Legacy I read was different it described our legacy as what we leave behind or put into the earth on a daily basis. What or how we talked to the barista at Starbucks or with every person we encountered? What will people remember you by? What or how you interact with everyone on a daily basis is a part of your legacy.

Throughout my religious/spiritual discovery one thing that stuck out to me is that the more I read/listen/watch I see parallels in different personal growth work and religious work. I am not sure where I picked it up but some where along the way when I see someone who seems to be having a tough day or situation on the street or subway I think in my mind “let the light that shines in me shine in them”.  I was reading a religious take on this past week. It mentioned doing drive by prayers. Every time you are on a bus, subway, plane or walking down the street to just shoot at prayers of well being towards different people.  I tried this out and I really got a lot from it.

Another idea about God that was interesting was to have this “unseen partner” that you talk to that is with you everyday. You know someone you can talk to like a friend not a vague notion of a God but an intimate relationship. Talk to him whenever you like, ask and tell him things. You can pray without fancy or big words or words used in the Old Testament. Everyday imagine yourself living in partnership with God. Thinking “He is with me”  If he actually walked by your side everyday would you ever be afraid?  This concept was similar to something I have been doing in one of my guided meditations where the 6th phase is focusing on a higher power and knowing that this higher power is on your side helping you achieve your goals and has your back.

And of course I found a workout quote in my spiritual discovery process that I felt aligned with.  It was in reference to our thoughts in our minds. “A clean engine always delivers good power.”   Yes, yes, yes. Fill our minds with clean thoughts. Clean mind=power!

As far as my creative play journey, this week me and a friend got creative and made a fish dish I had never made at my place. I also colored/doodled in my Daily zen book and I have been looking for ideas for a painting or artwork for my apt which is a stretch I really want someone to just pick something sleek and modern out for me but that is not why I am here right?  I have also shared my goals with others first dates, my class and like how I feel talking about and taking these on. There is still a voice at times that comes up saying how I should be working on my finances, career, or fitness instead of relaxing and being mindful taking on these goals but that voice is just a quiet whisper no longer a scream……….


3 thoughts on “On a Peaceful Rainy Day

  1. You reminded me of this song by Neshama Carlebach. Her father, Shlomo Carlebach was one of the major rejuvenators of Jewish music in theb2nd half of the 20th Century and wrote hundreds if not thousands of melodies, som but not all set to words.
    Here Neshama (her name means ‘soul’ in Hebrew), sings one of her father’s songs where he uses a phrase from Psalm 23:
    Gam ki elech- Though I walk
    B’gai tzal mavet – though the valley of the shadow of death
    Lo ira rah – I won’t fear evil
    Ki Ata imadi – for You are with me

    There’s also a wonderful scene in an Israeli movie where a man is so distraught by the turn of events he feels no other recourse but to go out somewhere on his own and shout to God. But as he’s doing it he doesn’t say “God” – he says “Abba” – Father.

    Our relationships are what we make of them. How we describe them, how we view them. Same thing the inner peace, calm and serenity we find despite turbulent times and weather is a focus of our outlook.

    Thanks for the reminders!!


  2. Thanks for your spiritual insights, I’m still in a place of inquiry with myself on my relationship with God (or if I have or want one). It’s helpful to hear different takes on what that relationship might look like.


  3. I really enjoyed reading the part on our Legacy and how we treat people. This is so true. I also see similarities with personal growth and religious teachings. For example we often use universe but I have heard similar teachings replacing the universe with Gd.


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