Those Being Goals

Hello PSP Lifers!

I am focusing on “Being Goals” as most of my  goals in previous cycles have mainly been transactional in nature.  I have dabbled a bit with “Being Goals” and I am  always glad that I stretch myself with these.  
This cycle my main goal is  To maintain a positive “I can take on the world” mood that I get after finishing a great workout. This means being calm, happy, positive and ready to take on what I pursue and what comes my way. This includes being open and present to foster strong connections with others including: family, friends, colleagues, and customers. I try to exercise in the morning by taking a gym class, at least this is the case when I am not traveling. I never regret working out as it usually helps to get my day started in a positive manner. As the day goes on I sometimes get irritable and impatient. Most of this is due to the fact that I don’t really stop, smell the roses, and take deep breaths. I often don’t state my contract and declare my intentions. I know that many of you find great benefits when doing this. Some cycles back I tried meditating. Although it was new and I often got distracted I did feel that I got something from doing this. This round I am going to meditate with the mantra or words of wisdom that one of my favorite athletic trainers often says “slow motion is better than no motion – Keep moving — Trust your trainer.” I am going to surrender and keep working with this even if I get distracted and/or discouraged. Actually I have been looking forward to meditating. I will also journal about my experiences. I will also try different breathing exercises when I feel myself getting irritable. On occasion I speak with Brandy a fellow PSPLife /ALP4 peep about this and we like to call this irritability and/or impatience “Hulking Out”. We ask each other, “Did you Hulk Out today”?
Meditating did help this week as this practice helped to ground me. I would like to share some lessons/thoughts.
Prior to the the cycle beginning, I started meditating to the Oprah Deepak 21 day series.
The series was entitled Hope in Uncertain Times.
Last Friday the topic was something like  “Connection is the link that helps to give people hope.”  This was really perfect timing as I was about to spend the weekend and the early part of the week in Connecticut.  I went to visit a girl I am dating. Her name for the blog is AM.  In addition I was going to visit my parents who live in the same town.  I really used this mantra/lesson  as a way to balance my time to ensure I connected with both.  Although it was tempting I didn’t over commit myself to meet other friends, etc.  I accomplished my intention of connecting.
During the week I meditated to the Mantra “Everyday I move toward Forgiveness.”  “Not forgiving is giving up hope that the past could be any different.”  I am working on shifting in moments that forgiving and letting go are essential. Basically I had one “Hulk Out” moment this week.  I have been working with someone who had committed to working with me to  build a new website for my business.  He was not very experienced but I had taken that into consideration when we started working together for a win-win working relationship. He would get some experience and get some financial assistance while I would get a website built for a cheaper rate.  I had slotted more time taking into consideration his abilities.  However, this has not turned out well and have been in the process of hiring new developer(s).  The old designer continues to enroll me to work together on some things.  I continue to engage him as I want something to work with him. However, I continue to overestimate what he can do and he continues to over commit.  Although I take responsibility for most of this I get upset and disappointed at both letting myself down and being let down.    I now know that it is not practical to expect too much from him and need to forgive, let go and move on.   Meditating helped to ground me when I was getting upset and was wrapped into a vicious cycle of overthinking.
Which brings me to the next Mantra: “I live in the World of my Vision.” “Hope is the practical link that keeps us connected to the flow of life.” This is so apropos as my buddy Hadar, when editing my PSP, commented for me to include my Vision for the World.  It really made me think about my vision..   This is what I have thus far.
My vision for the world: Connect and bring people together from different places, cultures, and values to foster better understanding with the goal of instilling love and peace.
Most of my career has involved bridging people, companies and products from different countries and cultures.
I will explain this in future posts but the meditation reminded me to stay focused on my vision instead of focusing on the little things that didn’t go my way. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
 Oh yeah, my other goal is to read every day for at least 30 minutes.  Preferably a book that inspires me.  I am currently reading Jeff Bezos and the rise of   I wanted to read something that talks about scaling as I am working to further scale my business. Very interesting.  I never knew that Amazon actually patented their One Click process making it difficult for other websites to imitate this.  Patent Law is quite fascinating.
Happy Saturday!!

3 thoughts on “Those Being Goals

  1. Way to go with getting down to only one Hulking Out moment! That’s great to see that you’ve already been able to shift at other times, and it would suggest that meditating, practicing your mantra, and breathing is really helping you.
    Also, you sly fox, look at you just dropping it in there ever so casually that you’re dating someone!!
    I really love that vision and it is such an amazing fit for you and who you are.
    Excited at how your cycle is going so far!


  2. Scott – I love this; you are really using your meditation to inspire and shape your experience of the world. So intentional. I am inspired and look forward to hearing more. Xo


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