VT: Cycle 10 Leggo

Hey party people,

So Cycle 10 is here. A little over 2 years ago, a few of us sitting in Hadar and Naomi’s living room wanting to continue the work, but on our own terms. And here we are. So happy to see how we’ve evolved and kept going over time.

I’m especially excited to see this this cycle’s desire to be more rigorous than we have been in the past.  I know that I, over the past few cycles, have waxed and waned with my levels of intensity.

This cycle is all systems go.

A refresher on my goals:

  • Building mindfulness into my life by meditating for at least 10 min, journaling, and minimizing my phone usage [for entertainment] daily
  • Studying Creole 3x a week and finding a language partner to practice with
  • Picking up the pace with my speaking career (writing content, booking gigs, launching a podcast)

So a good chunk, and I’m excited about all of it. Been doing well so far. But I actually want to write about something else.

I just had a tiff with one of my best friends about her experience of me being judgmental and condescending at times which shocked me honestly.

I took some time to process the information. I meditated. Cried. Talked to my brother about it to gain perspective. Meditated. Prayed.  And then she called me the next day. And I listened. And we talked it out. And we both agreed on some things that needed to change.

What’s was remarkable for me is how much reflection and introspection I decided to do rather that being stubborn and steadfast in “I’m not wrong. You’re wrong!” How I was more after a solution and mending than being right or stewing.

I am cultivating a growth set mentality about who I am rather than digging into “This is who I am” if the behaviors I’m defending aren’t serving me. So that’s cool.

I’ll be working on compassion and patience in on in my communication because I finally see it’s worth. Hadar…I get it now.

Rock on Lifers. xxoxoxo


4 thoughts on “VT: Cycle 10 Leggo

  1. Thank you for sharing. I know that feeling.. I respect you for pushing through with this.

    “I took some time to process the information. I meditated. Cried. Talked to my brother about it to gain perspective. Meditated. Prayed” This is a good lesson for me as I am sometimes so quick to judge and act.


  2. 😘 love ya V and amazing to read your reaction and reflection! Ultimately this will serve you in all your relationships (& one day with your main relationship too)!


  3. Nice work buddy! …….reminds me of a quote I came across a few months ago…..”apologizing doesn’t make you wrong and the other person right, it just means your relationship is more important than your ego”. You put your relationship first…and focused on that….way to be. Hugs sister…..


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