Week 1 has proved to be a powerful week for me. It started strong with daily exercise and joining Weight Watchers (WW). I record food and exercise- assigning it the appropriate point value. I like this program because it is all about choices. So, far I am doing great with the points and staying on track. I have momentum and feel fired up by the group. Cold mornings make getting in the pool a mental challenge and today I was encouraged by the inspiration posted in chat. Evenings we go for walks or I go to yoga. I’ve had some breakthroughs about when I am selling out on myself. I realized that in the past I would try to help Garrick and sacrifice myself. For example, one morning before the cycle started I wanted to work out but decided not to because I saw that Garrick was really tired and didn’t want to wake him. Garrick was up late the night before either on his phone or watching TV. Mia (our 6 month old) was already awake and if I left to work out, I would be waking up Garrick to care for Mia. I didn’t have enough time that morning to care for Mia, get me ready for work and exercise. I didn’t wake up Garrick and realized later that my choice not to wake him was also me choosing not to exercise that morning. In the end I don’t think that little bit of sleep was really a help and I’m done with the martyr thing. I am choosing to prioritize myself and my self-care. It benefits my family for me to be healthier so time to stop selling out on myself.

Mia is amazing and all I want to do is snuggle with her. I need to be careful about using her as an excuse. My goal is to put her in the stroller and take her with me next time- just need to wake up early enough to feed her and get her ready for a morning adventure with mom before work.

What I plan to work on this week is connection (with you all and creating exercise buddies), intention, meditation and maintenance. Week 2- here I come!


4 thoughts on “Momentum

  1. Nicole, this self-awareness around choosing and working out is really interesting. I hope that it helps you to choose your exercise consistently. Love the idea of bringing your daughter along. Congrats on getting after your goals!


  2. i love the awareness around taking care of yourself over letting your partner sleep. it sounds like a hard instinct to shut down- the one that wants to nurture others, especially your partner. i imagine speaking about it and setting that understand it makes it easier.

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  3. I really admire you and all the mothers in this group or that I know. The constant choices you are faced with and the way you navigate through them is something else. Great job on creating momentum the first week!


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