The Nitty Gritty

I have started to write this blog post a couple of times but I don’t have a lot of creativity pouring out of me tonight so I am going to get straight to it.  Today was a really tough day so I am going to be kind to myself and keep it short and sweet….

The goals I have picked for myself this cycle feel pretty spot on for what I get to focus on at this point in my life.  The first goal is about focusing on what matters and not on what others think.  The second goal is to recognize when I am putting myself and my needs last and to make sure that I am putting my own needs on the same level as I put the needs of everyone else.

I feel really poised to kick the first goal out of the park at this moment in time.  Maybe it is all that I have been through over the last several months, which has been a whole hell of a lot, but my body, my being, my everything doesn’t give a flying poop what you think which is where I want to be and what I want to maintain.  Of course this is important to do from a place of balance, meaning that there is a gentle form of not giving a fuck and an I don’t give a fucking fuck form of not giving a fuck.  I prefer to embody the former, just not allowing the opinions or judgements of others to matter in my life.  HA!  I just hopped off my blog post to research books on the subject (this was one my goals for this week) and the first book that popped up was:

Ha! Seems to fit well with what I just said above!  I have completed what I set out to achieve for week one with this goal.

For my second goal I am on target with this goal as well.  I am finishing my fitness calendar as we speak and I have arranged a ladies brunch.  I am really getting, at the DNA level, how important it is for my needs to be on the same level of the needs I take care of for others.  I mean, I am really getting it…..

Have a great week everyone….



7 thoughts on “The Nitty Gritty

  1. New nom de geurre?

    Sounds like a new fun edge there, and like something hit an important boiling point. If that’s correct, I’m extra glad you’re back in the cycle!


  2. If the boiling point you are referring to is the need to bring my own needs on par with the needs I take care of for others, than you are correct! Hope you are great brother Hbomb.


  3. I have experienced both of those ways of not giving a fuck…. sometimes I almost feel amused in my ngaf, like ‘it’s adorable how much you think I need your validation right now, sweetie’. This other kind of fierce ngaf is almost territorial – it’s holding the mental/emotional space to unlearn the unhealthy patterns that have us ignoring our own needs and desires. I’ve been there too, and say hold that space as long as you need to, until the boundaries are clear and you feel safe enough to kindly and lovingly but firmly say, “I’m going to brunch”, and just be excited for brunch. Love.


  4. I read the book by Manson. It was good, but some parts I was resistant to. He just has a funny way of establishing his credibility as a personal deco/empowerment voice. I really like this one: consider it.


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