Love magnets

My friend Tressa married her love this weekend.  On Thursday, as her

‘bachelorette party’ we hiked up the mountain above her cabin with the groom and his friend.  We laughed and played, and we paused half way up to let the men beat us up the hill do she could practice her vows.  The sky was that high-altitude, closer- to- God-blue, she was wearing a black and white striped sun hat, and we had a view of the north cascades.  She stood at my side and practiced, “I promise to keep you my favorite person, to have adventures with you, To play with you, to grow old with you, and to find new reasons to love you every day.”

They asked me and the best man to sign as witness to their marraige.  What an honor.  What an honor to be witness to a love like theirs.

It brought up a lot for me.  When it got stressful, I thought of how good J was at calming me down.  And that is true, he was wonderful sometimes.  I hope he finds healing.  As for me, I was reminded of my friends courage in love- she is so pragmatic in most matters, but when she really likes someone, she is drive-across-the-country-IN.  Move into my very small cabin IN.  What’s mine is yours IN.  And I needed to see that this weekend, because I’ve been relating from a pragmatic, safe place, and somehow that got me CRAZY burned.  Dangerously burned.  And her wild crazy all-in love has her married to a tender, vulnerable, loving committed beautiful man.  Somehow I had gotten that backwards.  Vulnerability and authenticity are love magnets.

But I’ve gotten off track…. financial goals: listened to Financial podcasts, signed up for a credit challenge, and downloaded a budget.  Paid my credit card bill (and then used the card!  Doh!) Put money in savings.   Blogging goal- missed 1 day so far.   I do feel badly about that, however, I also took a red-eye and went to work at 7 am from the airport, so… you win some, you lose some, you sleep some, you try again tomorrow.  Ciao!


5 thoughts on “Love magnets

  1. the last line sounds like it’s from a movie. i love it. how your friend approached love has risk, but i think it’s worth it. what a glorious weekend to have. i looked up the town when you posted on whatsapp. what a small wonder!


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