Friday’s post on a Thursday

Hi team,

Tomorrow is busier than normal day for me so I decided to post early.

This week on my creativity goal I am in search for the perfect modern, abstract industrial like painting for my apt. See photos below. If anyone knows where I can find them let me know. Up until now I have been clueless in the art area so a stretch for sure.


I updated and printed out my vision board (which I had as a screen saver before) for they cycle and check out that amazing group of humans with me in the top left! I put you guys on there since I share and get inspiration for growth and connecting to my visions.



For my spirituality goal, I listened to some talks on religion and spirituality. I had plans for meditation group this week that I canceled to have lights installed on my bed (part of my creativity goal apt design project) but I did make plans to go next week to a religious group get together. I have noticed that I have been holding back and have not reached out to the group to talk about their spirituality well I take that I back I did talk to one person.

One video I watched this week on spirituality talked about a Godicle Theory. This is how he describes how chooses to see the world.

Godicle theory summary: Human beings are particles of God. We are all one and connected to each other to make a wider whole. Humans are related to the planet and to being a human being instead of related to particular culture or group of people or nation. Because we are all connected empathy is highest form of knowledge. Within us we have “godlike” abilities to shape the world with our minds and thoughts and that it is our responsibility to shape the world. All of us have a calling that we are meant to fufill to make this unified self greater than it can be. We should strive to live a life pushing the human race forward and making the world a better planet.

Full  4 min video explanation:


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