Week 2 in short

Man, is it still only week 2? It already feels like we’ve been doing this for a month already. I actually had to look back at my PSP to see if I was on track. Here is what I am finding.    

Secondary goals: On Point


  • Booked my trip, flight and lodging and packed for 2 weeks and 3 countries/climates.
  • Currently enjoying first stop in Asheville, NC with Bros and Dad (70th B-Day)
  • Reached out to people I work with going to Cuba at same time as me: couple nurses from work and past residents
  • Connected with other travelers on the Couchsurfing app–not to stay on couch but to possibly meet-up with young like-minded folk while in Iceland for excursions etc
  • Found a place to sublet in Brooklyn! Met with owner and verbally committed

To Do:

  • Get out of comfort zone and plan to arrange meet-up with co-workers in Cuba; this is a little stretchy because of my apprehensions (voices) about not wanting to feel responsible for brining people together–nerd stuff.
  • Be open to potential obstacles and set-backs of trip.
  • Live in the excitement of getting to travel, the greatest possibilities above and beyond the minutiae of doing.
  • BOOKs: I know there have been some great book rec’s anything on audiobook that you would suggest for my trip?  
  • Send in application for rental unit and follow-up with deposit; nothing is ever certain when it comes to housing in NYC…

Primary Goal: Needs a little touching up

  • Went out on a limb: Last Saturday had a climbing and dinner date to bouldering gym with someone I’ve been seeing. She was shredding; I enjoyed, but definitely have room for improvement. 😉
  • Continued with exercise 5x/week, but have not been as rigorous as I want to.  That is, No set routine/schedule.

To Do:

  • Commit to Climbing Gym and work it into schedule
  •  I should consider trainer to have another person committed and accountable to my progress.

Some observations: 

I notice that when I am avoiding something, no matter how small, it makes it harder to 1. Be rigorous with my goals 2. Feel energized about maintaining them. 
This could be something as small as doing dishes, or responding to a work e-mail or buying flowers for Mother’s Day–don’t worry, already took care of it. When I put it off, I feel less inclined to be in integrity with the things I am up to.  

So where am I at now? I think I may have to re-invent my primary goal in the next week. I will still follow through to make climbing a routine in the next 45 or so days, but I am going to supplement with the mindfulness exercises and more rigorous commitment to a work-out schedule/class/trainer.

To Do:

  • Download the Meditation App that has been circulation
  • Be intentional to make physical or mental wellness a part of every morning routine 
  • Keep it up while on vacation.
  • Look for ways to focus this energy outward.

To Be:

  • Committed, Connected, Loving!  



One thought on “Week 2 in short

  1. Wow! That is a crazy amount of doing to take care of in a short space of time. When you want to create, it happens instantly!

    What’s under the resistance to bringing people together?
    What part do you not want to be responsible for?
    What are other possibilities around that conversation to give you the peace, reassurance, or support you need while allowing you to create the times you want?

    Keep it up!!


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