More Meditation! Getting the hang of it..

This week I have been meditating more.  I have continued to use the Insight Timer app for meditation and it has been really good.  This app has meditations  for different circumstances as well.
For example I did a meditation for commuting.  Present Moment Awareness Commuter Meditation.
I actually listened to this meditation twice.
The first time that I listened, I was going to the gym in the morning.  I usually wake up relatively early but this morning I was slow in getting out the door.  I started to get antsy with time as, in my head, I felt like I was going to be late to catch a 6:45 AM gym class.  I found this meditation called Present Moment Awareness Commuter Meditation as I was well aware that I needed to relax.   The funny thing is.. so what if I am late?  Its a busy class but there is always a way to fit in and most times no one is stationary for the whole class. I was so sweating the small stuff.
While listening and making an effort to be present while on the bus my mind wandered a bit and was getting mad at the little things that were getting in the way.  For example there was a police car parked in a bus lane zone right in front of a bodega.  My mind was like– he or she was getting coffee for sure.  That’s so wrong .. If I parked like that, I would get a ticket .. I was annoyed .. All I could think of was this guy named Jimmy Justice
This guy used to go after police and traffic officers when they would have traffic violations .. 
Then I focused on my breathing; listened to the sounds of the ride; and enjoyed the ride .. In the scheme  of things.. how is this going to change anything ? What I also liked is the person leading the meditation stated that it’s okay for the mind to wander and just focus back to the moment.. I am sometimes hard on myself when I wander.  I feel like I am breaking the rules.
In the end everything was good ..and had plenty of time.. I didn’t relax completely but was aware and took in the moment and started to appreciate the ride and walk .. This day I got to walk through Murray Hill  and cross Park Avenue and Madison Avenue before its filled with traffic.. Not everyone gets to do that.
I listened to the same meditation again while on the subway.    Although I felt that I was running late I quickly shifted to appreciate the ride and think about the amount of people and resources it takes to make it possible to make this subway work to allow me to get from point A to point B.  Pretty amazing stuff..
Another meditation that I listened to addressed the importance of being specific with my wishes and goals.  I took Abundance and Prosperity and this brought me back to being specific and asking for what I want .   It’s also important to visualize it.  This meditation reminded me of this importance . The leader got into specifics about different components including love, work and home. I have done this exercise but get to do this more .. For example I  have written specifics about what I am looking for in a relationship .. the “must haves”, “important things I want”  and “would be nices” ..  I am going to update this more and continue to write specifics and visualize what I want my life to look like.  I am going to stop focusing on trying to making this perfect.
Today I am in CT to celebrate Mother’s Day and woke up early to help my parents with some chores. For example the WiFi wasn’t working etc..I am the designated computer technician. One simple task seemed to get more complicated and I was slowly getting frustrated.
I also wanted to write this blog.  Instead of letting impatience get the best of me , I found a meditation on frustration. It helped to ground me a bit.. The meditation got me to think more proactively and think about what lessons I can get from this .  Additionally it made me think about the underlying reasons .. Why was I getting so frustrated ? I was viewing this time in scarcity .. After listening to this 15 minute meditation I did shift and enjoyed the moment and the rest of the day.. I went running with my sister ; bonded with my family; and even bought a new suit which I needed as I have a few events to attend in the coming weeks .. I am writing this blog later than I had hoped but it’s relatively easy thinking about what to write all week.
I have more to write and will continue to share.

2 thoughts on “More Meditation! Getting the hang of it..

  1. Amazing how you are able to repeatedly shift when things occur. I’ve downloaded the Insight Timer app and I’m trying it out, thanks for sharing!


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