Ok so in terms of my goal…I have been doing really well. I think I have lost 5-6 pounds or more. Being on a diet has been really cool in the sense that I have never practiced being disciplined with food intake like this ever before in my life. I have also kept the commitments I made to brandy about going to the gym. Because of my ankle, I have only been able to swim. However everytime I have gone I have swum 1 kilometer, which is something I am really proud of.

As per being out of integrity, I want to share a bit with you guys why that happened. I am at a really busy point in my life right now. I am finishing nursing school and that means doing 12-hour shifts at the hospital but also completing an insane assignment of 8,000 questions to get me ready for my boards. Long story short, I am really focused on those two things and I don’t really want to make room for anything else right now. Because of that, I have been disconnected from PSP life. However, I am happy that I haven’t checked out on my goal. After next week I plan to be more connected with the team and with what’s going on in general. I have set THREE alarms on my phone to remind me on Sunday to make my blog post.

This was a very brief summary because I don’t have a lot of time. I forgot to set an alarm for this post and began writing it at 3:55 pm when I told Hadar it would be up by 4. Hence the run on sentences. I’m almost there guys…please support me by not judging me right now during this crunch time. Love Raul


4 thoughts on “Overdue…

  1. Would love to read more about your goals and less about why your blog is late (cause i get you’re busy af right now, shit happens). I love how you’re showing up to your fitness goal, I’m totally inspired by it. Keep it up, and feel free to share more on the chat, I think it helps others stay present to their fitness goals.


    1. Im actually going to start blogging more, the chat is really hard to keep up with sometimes. But sure ill post something whenever I hit the gym. Thank You!


  2. Great Job Raul for staying the course especially through long days. Way to keep declaring and going after it! Looking forward to what you are taking on next.


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