Em W3c10

Is that right?  week 3? Either way, I looked at my psp tonight while on my buddy call, and I’m doing really well.  I’ve been writing.  I’ve been consistently writing, and putting myself on a trajectory with my  writing that i feel inspired and hopeful about.  My goal by the 1st check-in (may 14th- how are you doing with your check-in goals?) I was suppoed to have purchased a keyboard for my ippad (which I am using right now and its awesome!), and to write every day for at least 5 minutes in order to get into a writing practice and to process my feelings. I think its been helpful, as i get to process and reframe my experiences during the day. For my second goal, I have not followed through with transferring my credit card balance, so i asked my buddy to support me in a stretch, which I am partly ecstatic about, and partly dreading fiercely… looking for that neutral ground where the magic happens.  I’m doing it!

I had a date last night.   Its was my first “first” date in a long time, and in the 24 hours  prior to it, i kind of panicked.  On my way there, I coached myself, focused on how I wanted to feel and what I wanted to create, and it was lovely.  I felt really interested in learning about this man’s life, and enjoyed hearing his stories.  I noticed more and judged less and shifted quickly.   There was one very bizarre moment – he picked a flower and handed it to me as I realized we were walking past the jewelor where J and I had gone a year before to design an engagement ring.  I felt like the memory overlaid the experience; it was surreal and stunning and rather beautiful.  I did not mourn the past.  I walked through it.  And then we made out and it was awesome.   Hoorah!



3 thoughts on “Em W3c10

  1. So glad to hear that you’re following through on your PSP – that’s why we write them! Great job turning to your buddy for support and accountability.

    More so, though, was hearing how you’re creating opportunities for yourself to start moving on and heal from the past.


  2. Geez, that is no small thing that you went on your first first date in some time. I am in awe of your strength. Can’t wait to see more of your writing!


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