Basically what I am feeling right now is frustration. I lost the momentum I had last week and my goal is feeling harder and harder. To go along with the frustration, I didn’t meet my goal of losing 3 pounds by now. I am in ‘”my shit” about it. Last night I weighed myself in preparation for my blog and then laid down with Mia to get her to sleep, but we both fell asleep. I know it is not all about the numbers, but the numbers are part of how I am measuring my results. Sleeping early was not my intention for the evening because there was a lot for me to get prepared for today. I am giving a lecture to medical students over an hour away and didn’t know what traffic would be like. Thankfully, I am here and arrived 15 minutes early. I am using the time to catch up on my slept-through blog. I don’t feel like I have anything thoughtful or inspiring to say when I am frustrated like this. Looking at what is at the core of the frustration…I want myself and my life to look a certain way. I am attached to it and because I am not there yet=frustration. I hear my grandma’s voice in my head saying, “Mi hija, Rome wasn’t built in a day.” I know she is right but my reaction right now is “f*** that.” I am missing the gentle compassion for myself. I am a vulnerable, powerful, loving woman. Ending this rant by tapping into the vulnerable and loving to shift myself. Despite my lack of preparedness, I am going to rock this lecture.


2 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. I feel you. I feel how missing targets messes with the head and the heart. I feel how the journey isn’t always the goal. I feel how that annoyance builds up despite knowing better.

    I know for myself – and it sounds like for you too – no one will ever be as much of an ahole to me, beat me down, disregard my results, and get me into a funk and rut as much as I will do to myself.

    Even when the ‘coddling’ side of self-love is far from what I’m feeling, there’s a level of compassion that I get to connect with in those moments, and it sounds like you have that sense as well.

    So, what’s the next step to get you back on track?


  2. Practicing self love continues to be the hardest one for me as well, especially when set backs happen. You noticed, you shifted. That’s something to feel good about.


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