Week 3- Intuition Work

On Saturday I had schedule a workshop with the Art of Intuitive Photography. The original plan was to meet that the Staten Island ferry terminal, but with the weather being bad I was asked if I was willing to  switch the location to Grand Central. At first things were not going well, my instructor contacted me after I had left that he was going to be late by an hour because he had car issues, then he wasn’t there at the new meeting time because he got stuck in traffic. We finally began an hour and a half after the original start time.

The philosophy of this course is to use your intuition to create the photos as they will truly come from our inner selves. After a brief discussion with the instructor about intuition and how to tap into it, I was off to of the first assignment.

I was given the task of walking around Grand Central and take photos on what I was drawn to.  As I walked around, I wanted to capture the small details of Grand Central that we walk by every day, but don’t stop to notice. As I stopped to take one photo, this gentleman was looking at me. He was older, decked out in a hat and holding a large old fashion press camera. I asked him If I could take a photo of him and he agreed. When I showed it to him he told me it was over exposed and to bring the ISO down. I took a couple of more shots and adjusted from his instructions. I talked him afterwards. He asked how long I have been doing photography and that the best way to get better was just to go up and ask people if I could take their photos. I asked him his name he told me to pull out my phone and google him.


This is Louis Mendes, turns out he is a well-known NY street photographer. This is not the first time that I’ve meet someone famous and had no clue on who they were. This time I took it as a sign that my intuition lead me to meeting him. Street photography is an art form that I greatly admire but did not feel that I have a knack for. Its easier when your in a foreign country and your surroundings are new. finding that inspiration in a city that you live in is a bigger challenge. I took this as a sign from the universe to pursue working on this area of photography. Here are a few of my other photos from that day.


On Sunday I decided to use my intuition and head out the beach. The clouds were rolling in and air was thinking that perhaps I would be able to get some more storm photos. When I arrived there is was raining hard, but I would see that the sun was breaking through in the Long Beach area so I started to drive over there with the intention of catching a rainbow.  On the bypass road I saw a sign for Point Lookout. I have never been there, but the sun was out in that direction so took the exit, went to the end of the town, took a right down the last street and drove to the end of the street. The road ended at the ocean and I had to do a U-turn to get out. I looked over to my left and found my rainbow. As part of this week’s photo challenge the assignment was to find a landscape that inspires me. Using my intuition, I was able to bring the image I wanted into reality.


For my second goal of general well-being. I had a great spin class last Thursday, but the mediation came a little harder. I’m having some challenges sleeping through the night. With the weather changes  I wake up multiple time because I get too hot, then too cold. This week to help focus on that I’m committed to trying the Insight Timer app and turning on the air conditioner in order to have a consistent temperature throughout the night.


3 thoughts on “Week 3- Intuition Work

  1. One of the amazing opportunities here is to meet celebs or street legends – that’s such a cool story that you took his photo!!

    Great rainbow shot too – really beautiful!


  2. Trusting your intuition! Awesome way to continue growing as a photographer. So happy to learn you found your niche! Your photos are beautiful and better each time!


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