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Good evening Team PSPLife,

First and foremost I want to begin by sharing with you that I have been practicing gratefulness every moment I can think of.  With every error, with every misstep, with every positive result. I have thanked the universe for the experience and seek the lesson in every action and result.  One example was today after a team meeting, where lunch was served and we all left right after.  Leaving one team member to clean up the mess on her own.  It was not even on my radar to clean up.  This team member then passively aggressively expressed her displeasure of cleaning up after others.  My first reaction was to get very irritated and question her passive aggressive communication by addressing directly in front of everyone.  I helped clean, very annoyed by her.  I then collected my thoughts and put myself in her shoes.  She was right, she had the right intention except her communication could have used improvement.  If she knew better she would have communicated it better and inspired others into cleaning up,  instead of provoking us the way she did.   I walked to her and in front of the team, I made it clear that I was out of line and that she was right to call me out for not being team when it came to cleaning up.  I apologized and then acknowledged her for having the best intention and told her that maybe the way she addressed it could use some improvement.  Then I shared that when she communicates in that manner I feel disrespected and that it triggers an automatic reaction from me, that also doesn’t land well with others.  I thanked her for having the courage to say something and encouraged her to keep speaking up.

Later I was on my way to a meeting at a different office and she called me and asked if she could walk with me to the meeting.  I said of course and waited for her.  She opened up and told me why she reacted the way she did.  She also thanked me for saying what I said.  She said she has been working on her communication and looking for better ways to address things when she is frustrated. She also told me that I have not been the first person to give her that feedback.  She also said she was grateful that I acknowledge her intention.  We had a 15-minute walk to our next meeting where we connected and shared more than we have in the last 2 months.  I was grateful for this moment because it was a great lesson learned in compassion, listening and personal growth for myself.

In other news, since we last spoke there has been a consistent flow of leads coming my way and even though I have not closed any of these new leads, it is good to have a phone that is actively ringing.  I have been very busy and I know the next domino will fall soon.  In addition, I want to share with you some great news. My business partner and I had a meeting and he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  The result is an increased partnership in the investment firm, along with a partnership in a Medical Sales business he owns.  Even though we have not come up with an official title, my role would be in the realm of strategic business development and sale force development of both firms.  On the other hand, with my current firm Town Residential in the city,  I have been working closely with Steve Gold, who happens to be the new member of the Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing show. I am negotiating an offer for one of his listings on behalf of my buyer and close to putting in an official offer.  But wait, there is more… I have a meeting on Monday for a potential sale listing.  (I been working on this lead since November).  I want to thank you all for being awesome and for sharing what you guys share.  It inspires me and at the same time makes we wonder WTF I have 45 new messages??? lol.  Thank you, Josh for being such a great buddy.  Thank you PSPLife Team for creating a space to share my thoughts.  Look forward to seeing everyone soon.





5 thoughts on “(Insert Title Here)

  1. congratulations on the career front. really sounds like things are coming together for you in major ways. your interaction with your co-worker at lunch was very very mature. even having done the work, i think that would have been challenging in the exact moment to handle.


  2. It was very inspiring to learn how you used compassion to deal with a difficult coworker interaction! Thanks for sharing. And cudos on all the aswesomness you are creating!


  3. Bro, you have always been so in touch with your inner thoughts and been able to analyze situations so quickly from a leadership point of you. It’s awesome. Love you! Happy you created that moment for you and your colleague. Also happy to hear you are doing well in business.


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