Keep exploring

This past week. I had some good moments to reflect and really get curious. In my creative goal. At first I was looking for a piece of abstract artwork to hang behind my bed. Then I was asking someone for ideas of where to find this piece and he gave me the idea to sketch something myself and then collaborate with an artist from craigslist to bring the vision to life. He believes I would get more value out of it if I created it myself. Now talk about stretch, I am not sure if I can even with the support of an artist pull off a sleek, abstract, modern, industrial type painting…..but it is worth looking into.  Another idea me and a friend came up with was to use this fo-marble and hang a piece of it behind my bed as artwork. So the creative juices are definitely flowing and it feels good to explore these ideas.

For my spiritual goal. This past week I started reading An Autobiography of a Yogi. Also, one of my goals in spirituality/religion was to learn about a religion I did not agree with or no anything about so I got a book about a man who started off living in Britain as a hip hop teen and became an extreme Islamist Extremist and then made his way out of it and found his way back.  I am in Albany this weekend as my gym has a team competing in a Fitness competition all weekend. Driving up last night I used this chance to connect with a member of my gym and ask him about his religious/spiritual beliefs and discuss.

I was listening to a video this week from a man who works at nondenominational church. He was explaining his meditation and prayer routine.  I really saw this as a new way to approach both and have been using it this past week.

Each time you Meditate:

1) Establish Intention: When we sit. Our intention is to wake up. Let your attention focus on your intention to wake up

2) Your attention on your breath with your intention to wake up.

3) Reverential Alertness: Deep seated listening. Sit as if someone was about to tell you the greatest story ever. You can hear what is beyond the eye and ear. Seeing with  your consciousness is pure awareness.

4) Sit like you are sitting for the very first time you have ever meditated.

 You will reach a point where you become aware of distractions or sounds but it does not distract you.

Let the divine enter.

And my biggest take away was this prayer which I have been trying on a couple of times this week. The idea was to pray aloud to hear the vibration when you hear your own words.

I am so grateful to be awake, aware and alive.

And to feel my oneness with the grand presence of life itself.

And to know I am with Thou and thou art what I am

And I speak this word knowing I am a vehicle and instrument for abundance and compassion and peace and love.

And everyone I touch today will feel the presence of love and feel their significance in the world.

I feel that all of my needs are met and I give thanks for this and let it be so it is.


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