VT: Cherishing this life

Hey friends, 

Life has been really lovely. I feel like I am on this quiet ascension right now.

Work is really gelling. I am happy going into work every day. It’s not stressful and I am finally feeling valued and confident. I have a lot of fun and laugh with my coworkers. I really am blessed working there.

I am happy with my living situation. My new roommate is a sweetie and I love how cheap it is. 

It’s getting warmer. I am spending time with people that I enjoy. I mentioned how I felt boring in my last entry and have taken some actions to course correct. I am making plans, not flaking, and looking for interesting things to explore.

I attribute all of this to meditation and journaling. 

I am floored by how profound an effect these two practices have had on me. I am more self aware, calm, compassionate, and thoughtful. Just from taking time to get and stay grounded. No wonder we always grounded in Leadership.

Anyway, I am on my way to a public speaking competiton  (on the train composing this- yay WordPress app!) – so working on that too.

Creole. Continues to be an uphill battle, but I won’t get discouraged by my progress or lack thereof. I will be fluent in my lifetime, so there’s no giving up on this one.

Alright boys and girls. That wraps things up for me. Love you all.



3 thoughts on “VT: Cherishing this life

  1. You seem very in the flow! I like the vague reference to the public speaking competition. Always up to super cool things you fail to share with us…


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