Mindsets and Breakthroughs

I went to the gym on Friday and happen to get a look at myself in the mirror from behind and did not like what I saw. I felt really fat and out of shape. Then those negative thoughts started to creep in. Like you’re never going to reach your goals, you’re not making any progress and I went on and on. I’ve been nerdy ever since. This has caused me to reevaluate what I am doing, and how I am feeling and why. Am I doing enough to maximize my workouts? I do understand that my goals are big and will require hard work and a high level of commitment. So I had to get really honest about everything I had been doing up until now. What I realize is that I am not doing enough to maximize my workouts to create a significant breakthrough. When I go to the gym I do just enough cardio to say I did it and to bust a sweat. I haven’t been pushing myself harder to create weekly breakthroughs. The truth is that I am scared and procrastinating in the gym. I am scared of really committing to having a breakthrough, I am scared to put my body through the process of having another significant breakthrough to get pass my plateau. Because I know in my heart that once I have this breakthrough I will have to have another and another until I am actually being successful.

For example if I am running at three miles per hour for fifteenth minutes without stopping then I should be pushing myself to run twenty minutes at three miles per hour next week. I should have weekly breakthroughs and I am not. Some days I don’t drink all my water because I hate going to the bathroom every ten minutes. However it is my belief that the more water you drink consistently the less you will use the bathroom because your body will adjust to drinking that amount of water.

So, how can I turn this around and create a shift for myself. I have been really quiet this weekend and began to reevaluate everything I am doing and most importantly my mind set. For me developing the right mindset is crucial for any success. The dictionary’s meaning of mindset “is the established set of attitudes held by someone.” So, then to develop the right mindset is then the way of learning something new and taking the relevant information and grow it and cultivate it until it becomes your set of beliefs that are most beneficial to where you want to go or how you want to be. This belief system is your mindset.

So, the first thing to forgive myself for the entire negative self-talks and to really acknowledge myself for the progress that I’ve made since January. So to really strengthen my mindset I will be reevaluating my goals and my beliefs around my goals. I must examine my limiting beliefs and create new ones that will support me in aligning myself with my goals to strengthen my level of commitment. Also, my PSP Life Cycle team gave me some valuable information regarding goals and it’s time to use them. I will definitely connect more with my vision and goals by setting mini daily goals so it’s not overwhelming. Lastly, protect my new mindset that I will be creating for myself from negative energy.


2 thoughts on “Mindsets and Breakthroughs

  1. Love how you’re willing to face your limiting beliefs and create a new mindset!!

    Re: running, it may also support you to use a system that has and breakthroughs, such as couch to 5K which consistently ratchets up the level of your work out for runs.


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