Progress & Resistance

As far as my weight loss goal

Weight loss in Week 2: 5.6 pounds

Total Lost so far (Since May 8th): 13.6 pounds

I declared to Brandy that I would go to the Gym 5 days and I actually made 6 days. Due to my ankle I have been swimming. I swim 1 Kilometer each time to that’s a total of 6 Kilometers for the week! I can feel myself getting faster and for a graduation gift Angelica gave me a fit bit so that will certainly help me keep track of times and calories.

What I have been struggling with:

The first week the hardest part was feeling hungry at certain times and only being able to eat certain snacks or drink water. It was also tough because it was nurses week so the hospital kept sending free sandwiches & pizza to the nurses station. However, I was able to resist and be disciplined. What I have appreciated the most about this program is being able to practice discipline and seeing how that directly affects my weight loss. If you are feeling curious about this weight loss method, let me know I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

This second week the hardest part has been able to deal with not drinking alcohol. I was invited out last night and at first I accepted thinking I wouldn’t drink but rather to other “stuff.” However, I then decided it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to do other “stuff” because it would be tough getting home. The good news is that I didn’t end up drinking. The bad news is that I bailed on my friend and made up a lie about getting pulled over and then heading home because I was upset. I am a partier and have always enjoyed drinking.

This has certainly been a stretch and I have been proud of my self for not drinking when I could have. I know that a lot of people might reply to this “You don’t have to drink to have fun.” I have even said that myself. But right now that is not one of my goals. I am happy to explore the not drinking thing while I’m committed to Isagenix. I have a lot of resistance coming up as I discuss this because I feel like I am going to be judged. Anyway just sharing my thoughts.



4 thoughts on “Progress & Resistance

  1. Totally get the love of alcohol. I guess what I am curious about is what would your world look like if you could tell your friends that you party with that you’ll be sober for a while? Do you think you would get more support or judgement?

    I am looking for the win win. How to go out and keep your integrity with yourself.


  2. My brother-in-law has been on a pretty restrictive diet for a few years now. He grew up religiously observant, and while he isn’t any longer, when I asked him about how he found it easy to remain committed to the diet, he referenced keeping kosher.
    There are somethings you just don’t eat, and it doesn’t make a difference who else is eating it – if you don’t eat it, you simply don’t eat it.
    That was a great reference point for me; I don’t know if you’ve given up food for Lent in the past or have some other reference that works for you.


    1. I had some steak for graduation and it almost killed me lol. I am certainly beginning to consider giving up certain foods because of how they affect my body.


  3. Big props and acknowledgement for seeing results with weight loss. Thank you for sharing the struggle; and keeping your eye on your vision. I agree with Vanessa, where is the win /win? Let people in to what you are up to. I am confident the most critical person you will find is yourself.


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