Another Week

Good evening everyone,

I trust everyone is doing well.  Since my last post, I have been busy at work, which is always fun.  I have been watching my sister from afar as she takes on LP.  She is pretty kick ass and I’m extremely proud of her for taking this on.  I have also watch my business partner Ghady take on the Basic, Advance and his first weekend.  It feels great to have more people that are dear to my heart really take this on.  As am watching them take on these journeys, I am proud of myself for never quitting and always being persistent when it comes to sharing this work.  It has really made a positive impact in my life and I always share it with that intention in mind.  Just look at this, I am blogging to great leaders right now.

Also, I am excited to go to NC this upcoming weekend to share some well deserved days off with Sonia.  She is just as excited to see me.  She will be moving back to NY first week of July.  I can’t believe we have spent 2 years in a long distance relationship.  I am grateful for all everything I have learned along the way.  I will let you guys go and keep it short and sweet.





One thought on “Another Week

  1. ❤️ To hear that you’re continuing to enroll people & change lives – it’s incredibly inspiring to see the impact of the training on people, families, & communities.

    So exciting that Sonia is moving back – we’ve all missed her, although you even more so. Enjoy the upcoming time together and knowing you, I’m sure you’ll be working to renew your connection once she moves back.


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