VT: Nike’s got a point.

Hey all,

Blogging early because I’ll be away for the long weekend. I’ll be camping for the first time EVER, so that in of itself is cause for celebration. I’ve been incorporating new things and people into my life as of late and it’s definitely feeling good. I’m feeling alive and not so boring.

I’m having some interesting thoughts around procrastination and/or lack of motivation and their power to make things seem much more painful/boring/annoying/not fun then they are.

Everyone has that moment when they look at their to do list and a couple tasks just keep getting rolled over from week to week. Or not wanting to go to the gym or someone’s inconveniently timed or located social event. But honestly, getting the thing done or going to the thing I didn’t want to, usually turns out fine. And more than half the time, better than fine.

I went to a Devotional this week (I’m exploring becoming a Bahai) and I had all this resistance because I didn’t know the people hosting it that well and was afraid the awesome vibe that I’ve come to expect wouldn’t be there and it would ruin all things Bahai for me….and on and on and on.

But I went anyway. And it was fine. I was glad that I went.

And time after time of making myself follow through, I realize that enjoying myself through it— that’s all me. The externalities really don’t matter- it’s all how I choose to interpret. Choose to react.

So, I’m going to start running into the resistance. Dancing with discomfort. Β All the other potential alliterations for saying I will aim to make courageousness and commitment my default.

As daunting as it seems, it makes my life better. And that’s worth it.

And stats using a happy face analysis:

Meditation πŸ™‚

Journaling πŸ™‚

Minimizing social media :/

Creole 😦

Public Speaking : ]

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!


2 thoughts on “VT: Nike’s got a point.

  1. Nice, I like the shift to being willing to start challenging yourself. And becoming a Bahai? How did this come about? Can you just like, start a Facebook Live web series, starring you, and the whole content for the series will literally just be whatever you’re up to that day? That’s how “boring” I perceive you to be, lol.


  2. Love the thinking here – so often I find the same experience…it’s the mental procrastination or fear that’s far worse than anything in reality.

    Also, want camping pics!!

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