A bit on the above……wow, when you really think about the true power forgiveness has in so many aspects of our lives it really becomes crystal clear that it deserves a lot more focus and attention.  I know that others have been talking about forgiveness… various forms, Hbomb had mentioned it in a post about forgiving himself….others have mentioned forgiveness in other capacities.  For me, a repeating story is that others are not there for me when I really need them to be.  If someone doesn’t show up, doesn’t follow through on something they have committed to I often allow myself to feel bad about it….to give it meaning, and often that meaning causes disconnect from the person and results in me feeling like I am not important to the person and push comes to shove that they are not really there for me.  This is bullshit, this is victim and what I eventually come to terms with is that I have to have compassion for the other person….attempting to take a look at life from their perspective, what they are dealing with or what they are going through.  It makes their actions appear in a different light.  However……I don’t necessarily follow those thoughts/reflections up with forgiveness…..TRUE forgiveness.  I still keep the person at a bit of a distance….there is still some level of hurt or distrust there…..but with true forgiveness there is only room for reopening my heart, of truly wiping the slate clean….of opening myself entirely back up to connection again with that person.  I would like to create a forgiveness ceremony…..I can see it someplace on the horizon.  If you are game for this kind of a celebration…..lets do it!


2 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. I Am definitely game! This really resonated with me as forgiveness is something I struggle with as well. I feel that forgiveness and trust are often intertwined- because I may have forgiven someone, but if some trust has been broken, then forgiveness is just a part of repairing things, the trust has to be rebuilt as well. I have noticed that a lot of the work for me is internal. Forgiving myself and trusting myself is where a lot of the work is. When I am growing internally- in a way that is self-kind, courageous, compassionate, then what others think of me feels a lot less relevant and a lot less powerful. My ability to forgive others also feels a lot easier and natural. Because forgiveness is for me. It feels good and sets me free. Would love a forgiveness ceremony.


  2. “Would like to” and “somewhere on the horizon” makes me think that this doesn’t feel like something that you are concretely intent on creating for yourself.

    Also, while I love the idea of inviting others to practice forgiveness with- is this a way to put it off? Organizing this into a thing, creating the plan, etc? What can you do now that will put you on the track to forgiveness and would be something that you could turn to in a moment’s notice?


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