I’m starting this blog post as I wait for my red eye flight back to NY. After a rocky start when my outbound flight was delayed by over 2 hours, resulted in missing my connecting flight to flagstaff, I made arrangements to drive from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon instead so I would not miss most of Saturday. I arrived at 2am, grabbed some sleep and was in the park but 8am. I found it quite emotional as I drove up to the ranger gate. If you have never been to the Grand Canyon, all I can say it the photos do not do it justice. There’s a deep spiritual energy there. The sense of timelessness, and when you get a moment to yourself alone, looking across the rim, peace. 
I spent the entire day there until sunset taking advantage of the different lighting, and to avoid the long line of cars waiting to get back in. 

Saturday I drove north 3 hours north to Page AZ, then packed in a 4×4 , two hours later we arrived at White Pockets. A remote national monument. The photos are insane, I can’t wait to process them but with taking the red eye tonight I don’t think I will get to it until this weekend. I’m returning to NY with every fingernail broken, exhausted but very happy that I came. Spirit has been renewed and new photography skills have been gained. 

This photo was taken on my iPhone, can’t wait to work on the dslr batch. 


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  1. I’m from the southwest, so I really love photos that showcase its beauty — that photo is stunning. Thank you for traveling and sharing, it’s wonderful to get to look at these images vicariously through you!


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