Growing into myself

On route to N & H’s lake house for a holiday, which 1000% qualifies as my fun activity of the week 🙂 There were additional fun activities this week and I must note that doing my homework (thank you, summer school) was one of them. 

I have neglected my real estate goal and I don’t know why. I think in part it’s becuase I really like the area I live in and my apartment building, so the idea of leaving – even though I want to invest money and own – is overpowering my desire to fulfill my goal. I get to work on that.

Another theme which relates to both my goals which I started to acknowledge this week is my relationship with money. I feel that many ‘lifers have designed financial goals in order to save money or pay off debt/credit cards. That is not what I am referring to. I want to pay attention to how I feel about money, what it represents to me, and how it compares to other currencies in my life, like pleasure or security. This is very fun for me. 

A few things have been restored in my life recently, which I deeply needed and has contributed to an overall sense of calm.

1. My current job and fellowship – even though I grapple with both – have restored a level of professional self-confidence.

2. Getting funding for school has removed a lot of financial stress, and created freedom to enjoy and even think about new possibilites.

3. Receiving support from the hubs has eliminated this overwheleming feeling of being alone, and has lifted the burden of this as a process of ‘have tos’ and aloowed me to experice lots of things as ‘get tos’. Since this shift I have enjoyed this journey and have barely over thought things 🙂


4 thoughts on “Growing into myself

  1. Sounds like a lot of great successes for you to celebrate, congrats….very happy for you. What is one small step you can take wrt your real estate goal while you continue to figure out the underpinnings?


  2. Was so fun having you here & I really do enjoy watching you play games (when I laugh it isn’t out of a ‘laughing at you’ – it’s that I find you so deeply ARE yourself that I have to laugh).
    Great to see about the 3 bottom points – you’re really being the work!


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