Falling forward

Memorial weekend passed very quickly in company of good friends in D.C. Alexandria, VA to be exact, location which surprised me with its historic charming cobblestone streets, cost restaurants and beautiful houses costing a fraction of a Manhattan studio. Ivar is my oldest friend in the U.S. I met him literally on my second day here, fifteen years ago, we attended law school together, lived on the same floor in the dorm, went through all tribulations young foreign lawyers face in NY. His wife Rana is one my best girlfriends, and I love their kids as if they were family. When they decided to leave NYC for a better life down south, it was hard; they are the latest of slew of close friends who left NYC for all the reasons people leave: families with young kids moving closer to their own families and lower cost of living, European single girlfriends fed up with NY dating scene moving back to Europe and getting married within a year back home. 

When they invited me, my reflex was to decline to purse my usual past times of long weekends: jump on a plane and go diving or sailing or explore a new country I haven’t been to yet. Alone, as usual. So I decided to stretch and do something different: spend time in a place not so exciting because of the company of people. And it was absolutely lovely. 

Alas, upon return I found out I gained 5 pounds, without any binging or drinking and lots of healthy activities every day. Super discouraged, I wanted to drown my disappointment in a tub of chocolate ice cream. But then I remembered my commitment to myself, my vision, and the resolve came back. Falling forward instead of backward. I decided I will be biking from work every day to add cardio activity.

Here are the results of Day 1 and 2:

I also started a daily gratitude journals to help with moments of discouragement. 3 entries morning and evening about all the things I’m grateful for during that day :

And since it’s midnight, the rest next week. Gotta keep my commitments…


2 thoughts on “Falling forward

  1. I’m really happy that you spent time with loved ones. It’s good for the soul! And way to “fall forward”! Taking the information as simply that- information- and course correcting when needed. You are such a rock star!


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