Starting With Gratitude

I woke up this morning a little foggy after a night out with my friend Tucker. My first thought: with everything I planned to do today, why did I decide to go out with Tucker last night? I thought about how crazy this weekend is going to be to coordinate, I worried a little bit about my imminent move. AND now I have to find some time–and some content–for the blog. How can I blog when I feel like everything is a touch out of control?  

Then I had an idea: start with gratitude.

I know we talk about this frequently. It is a large part of ‘the work’ from basic and beyond; and it is intrinsic to changing our language from ‘have to’ to ‘get to.’ But with the onset of ‘the doing’ I often lose sight of the gratitude.  
I have so much to be grateful for on this beautiful weekend. Grateful for all of your voices that I get to have in my realm of being. I see Josh’s work extending himself to others as showing gratitude to the universe for his abilities to communicate, to share, and to incite others to realize their own gratitude. And for each one of us, I believe that at the core of our PSPs we are striving to acknowledge how grateful we are for our abilities, our minds, our bodies, and our relationships–with ourselves and with others.
So today I am looking for the gratitude in everything that I ‘get to’ do. Because from Gratitude springs joy, and people recognize joy and it is infectious.  
So last night I ‘got to’ hang out with Tucker! He is a co-worker a couple years behind me in my program. But we have become really good friends in this last year. Superficially, we both like craft beer, biking, and British humor, but I am most grateful to be able to create a close friendship with another adult that feels just as easy and organic as my childhood friends. And we were out biking last night! Someone to support me in getting re-connected with my hobby!
This morning, I ‘got to’ work out. Because starting a beautiful weekend feeling energized only adds to the possibilities and clears the grunge.    
And now I ‘get to’ write my stat/blog. As I calculated: gratitude(shared) + Joy = Abundance for myself and others. So here I am sharing and hoping to grease the gratitude wheels in all of you ;).
There is a full schedule this weekend: Gov Ball with college friend, another college friend visiting from Dallas (both I haven’t seen in 2 years), Mom is in town (mostly for my niece but I feel… (deep breath) Grateful… that I can also make time to visit her in Jersey; trying to fit in another apartment visit after a family-friend lead came through and it bodes to be a sweet deal if I can convince landlord to take over the lease.  
Even writing this I can not quite understand how the conversations in my head try to turn all of these blessings into sources of stress. So today I am going to put gratitude first, and sort out the details later.



One thought on “Starting With Gratitude

  1. I needed this as feeling a bit of the have tos this morning. Amazing how focusing on the items we want creates the matching response in us.
    I’m taking your gratitude and amplifying it with my own!
    Enjoy the action-packed weekend, and best of the with the apt hunt – you’re going to find something amazing!


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