Just back home from an 8 day trip (sooo fun!), but feeling exhausted and lethargic. Had a wonderful time with family and friends: enjoyed delicious food, had great conversations & connected with lots of folks, played games, and even stayed up late with a religious study session – all in all, really excellent!
Today Naomi and I saw Come From Away, about a story that I hadn’t previously heard related to a small town in Canada that hosted thousands of people for about a week after 9/11 and the US closed it’s airspace. Fantastic show – highly recommend!

That said, I’m crashing as I write this and feeling detached from my goals for the moment. Accepting that rather than trying to fight it as I know tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to shine. 

I don’t have much to talk about related to my goals at the moment – I seem to have taken a little bit of some time off from them. 

Committing to hit the gym tonight before bed. Naomi prepared a lunch for me tomorrow (thanks!) as we return to normal life and eating habits. 

Related to my second goal, the question pivoted. Front and center for me (vs some side money) is the question of what is in my future for my career? Once again my relationship with my supervisor is on the rocks, and I’m reminded how little interest I have been keeping up this regular dance we do. 

This question is underpins the inspiration for this second goal, although I slyly couched it in other terms, and made the focus additional $ instead of career…well, now that’s an opportunity to reexamine and shift. 

I applied for a new job on Tuesday and will continue to explore opportunities that I believe will be a fit. I’m somewhat apprehensive (my go-to is I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up), but I feel better about starting this search, knowing that I am secure for the time being (wonders of belonging to a union), and that security provides a freedom that allows me to determine a fitting next step. 

For those feeling a bit of a cycle lull, myself included, I encourage us all to examine what we’re in for, what’s on the the other side, and choose to be reinvigorated. 


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