The definition of progress is a movement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage, growth or development; continuous improvement.  For the first time in a while, I’m feeling like I’m making progress towards my goals. Yes, I’ve lost some pounds, but it’s more than that. I am gaining a better sense of what it means to work out and be healthy. I am getting comfortable with working out on a regular basis. I am not feeling like I am missing out on food and to using food as tool to socialize and eat when I’m in my emotions.  This is very important to me because I have high blood pressure a pinched nerves and a slip disc, the latter of the two being minor with the potential to becoming a debilitating condition.  Well, the high blood is past tense; I am officially off of my high blood pressure medications. So my goal is about a lifestyle change and I am learning so much about what it is to be healthy.

Another reason why being healthy is important to me is because I don’t want to get sick and be a burden on my children. I want to be independent until my death and I definitely don’t want to be dependent on taking medications for the rest of my life. I think medications are poisonous to the body and do more harm than good in the long run.  I think the pharmaceutical companies are more about making a profit then healing people, they are no better than illegal drug dealers. But, that’s just my perspective, I am sure many people have been helped by prescription drugs. I also think the powerful elites that run the world have subjected us to a bunch of propagandas and agendas; they are creating all these chemicals and man-made viruses that are slowly killing us. They putting these chemicals in our food and in the water systems that are making us sick then they want to treat us with the very the thing they created.  Again, my opinion and thoughts are mines.  My progress in regards to the way of the world, is that I truly believe that the world can be a better place by people choosing who they get to be in the world. To always think positive thoughts, send out positive vibes and show a love.

Progress in my meditation goals is that; in order to have results and evolve with that goal will take time, something that I am willing to invest in. I’ve learned that mediation for me is truly about healing and listening to the inner goddess in me, which will support me in healing the parts of me that need healing and to evolve into higher spiritual vibrations  and are able to more at peace with yourself and in the world. That is, when you put in the time to actually get the clutter out of your head and allow your mind to just be. This is where I am, getting the clutter out of my mind is definitely a process. I believe that we are responsible for uplifting spiritual selves, and as human beings we must seek to evolve in something better.  I look forward to continuing this journey long after this cycle is over. This will be a lifestyle change for me.



One thought on “Progress

  1. Deborah, I find your commitment to your health very inspiring; congratulations on lowering your blood pressure naturally with diet. I think a lot of people would jystbbe resigned to taking the medication, but not you. Slow and steady progress/life style changes are what stick. Nice work!


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