VT: Me time

I just restored integrity on the chat so here we go.

Honestly, not much to report.

I realize my two other goals this cycle: public speaking and studying Creole have totally fallen to the wayside. And I’ve come to realize that focusing on 1 thing bodes better for success- for me anyway.

I’ve been crushing my first goal of meditation, journaling, and minimizing social media use.

And that is a cause for celebration! So I’m going to acknowledge myself for that.

I love how I look forward to my meditation everyday. It gets me grounded and intentional and I really love that. Having a sense of control over myself and my thoughts. The world is crazy, but I don’t have to be.

I also believe that this will inform my PSPLife goals moving forward: 1 overall theme and breaking down the theme into two goals that feed into that.

I get to spend time at home today and work on my personal to-do list which is really exciting. Looking to do the 1st lesson of FPU and tend to my personal website. Everything else would be a big bonus.

Anyway, love you all.


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