In the middle…

Last week we were traveling for vacation and next week we are traveling again for a course and conference I am taking. This week is sandwiched in the middle. I feel like being home and grounded I have more control over my diet. The key for this week will be exercise, since I am not in a routine. I swam and got more exercise last week, which is awesome, but I am not feeling or seeing results. I admit I am attached to the results here, the results indicate whether or not I am reaching my goal. I am considering various options now- comparing gym memberships at local gyms and more medical management. I think I need professional support- it is just hard for me to know what that looks like and who are the right people to support me in my journey. That is the key word here- JOURNEY. I can be really impatient and that doesn’t support me- it just gets me frustrated and putting myself down. I think I will write JOURNEY on my mirror so I can remind myself every morning that this is a journey not a race. Another thing I am look at is being an overachiever.

This week is full of things on the to do list in addition to my work days:

  1. Choose malpractice insurance co. and submit application
  2. Prepare and deliver lecture Wednesday evening
  3. Get blood drown for micronutrient labs
  4. Volunteer at the student run free clinic
  5. Pack for 10 day trip to Minneapolis
  6. Talk to a loan agent to investigate if/when we can buy a house
  7. Fill out paperwork for public service loan forgiveness

That’s a lot – more than I can do with out paying prices (sleep, exercise time, time with Garrick and Mia). This kind of overachieving gets in my way when it comes to maintaining an exercise routine and carving out dedicated time for self-care. I am always striving to do multiple things at once. My co-worker said- “welcome to being a mom.” I am interested in finding ways to have it all AND maintain sanity in the process. I think that is part of the JOURNEY. In honor of self expression, Jill and I have plans to independently get out nails done this week. Looking forward to sharing pics. Blessings to you all.


2 thoughts on “In the middle…

  1. That IS a lot to take on! Working backwards…not sure you feel the pride in knowing you’re taking on a lot – from your writing it just sounds heavy. If that feels accurate to you, how can you shift to a place where you’re owning your full to dos? What’s the being you wish to attach to it (or multiple)? How do you let your 💎 shine? Second, for the family items on your list, how can G assist with loan stuff, or even take a quick first look at debt forgiveness for you? Re: results – in LP there’s a refrain “I am not my results” – as in, the journey, the climb, the effort – those are as valuable or at times even more, which you alluded to. All that said, maintaining a commitment in the face of what I see numerically can from time to time require a little more of me and that may be the same for you. Are you open to how the changes may occur for you?Sometimes people convert their body in different ways – would you be ok however those changes took place?



  2. Wow! You have a lot of amazing things going on! I like the idea of embracing the word “Journey” My guess is you probably made strides toward a lot of what you listed.. Have you taken time to reflect about what you have accomplished? Several Lifers in this group are doing a lot in regards toward Gratitude. As HKWeiss said and maybe you already are is it possible for you and G to divide and conquer? Traveling is so much more difficult in relation to dieting and exercising. Anyway that you and G can make this more of a fun system for when you do travel? Again, not always easy..


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