Taking care of myself 

This past week I was reminded that my second goal is my overall well being. This last week that came to the forefront in the form of a nasty cold. I want to the company doctor to rule out strep throat and was told to rest. For once I actually listened and called out sick the next day.

In the past 11 years working for my company I have called out only 13 times. I’ve gone in when sick with colds, sore throats and even the 2 times with herniated discs when I was in so much pain I could barely walk. All because of an unrealistic expectations. (in the case of the back issues a verbally abusive boss, but that’s another story and she was fired for the way she treated us) 
This past week I was reminded that I have to take care of myself and things will not fall apart if I take 1 day off instead of going in or working from home. Going forward, I’m going to put my healing first. 
For my first goal I did not complete my photography challenge, which was to photography something that represents candy. I’m disappointed in myself that I didn’t do this as it seems like a great challenge. That I will try to incorporate this week. 
I did learn how to use the gradient filter in Lightroom, a feature I have been struggling with. I used it to lighten the shadows of this Grand Canyon shot without effecting the top half of the photo, and today I found a moon rising workshop with a NY photographer that I have worked with before. That’s scheduled for Friday night. 


2 thoughts on “Taking care of myself 

  1. Laura, i’m so glad you took the day off. Why do we push ourselves so hard? Are there any other ways you can provide self-care? I.e. taking a bath or ordering your favorite Chinese food in or… How is your self-care goal going otherwise?
    I cannot WAIT to see your photos from the full moon rising class. Sounds amazing. This one from the Grand Canyon is beautiful!


  2. Yes, Self Care… I think I learned this word in PSP Life is so essential. I am glad to hear that you took the day off too. Love the pic!!


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