Week 6 – The Lightness of Being

Who is this J?  Same guy, but a number of things have certainly been clicking for me this cycle.  I have been doing some thinking for why that is.

Here is what I got so far.  INTEGRITY.  A number of us spoke before this cycle about the impact of integrity breakdowns and how we would like to recommit to integrity this cycle.  That reframing helped me take creating my PSP more seriously.  I connected more with my goals and took people’s comments seriously.  So that when the cycle kicked off, I was ready to go.

The growth challenge was a gift.  Not sure how I came up with it, but eight cycles of experience helped.  I know what it feels like to have uninspiring goals and goals that barely get touched.  So I got a little creative and went for something a bit stretchy.  But I did not know if I had the courage to follow through.  And I have a bunch of past cycles where I have failed as evidence.  But I hit the ground running from day 1.  On my way to EP’s for the kickoff meeting is when I asked my first victim if I could share an idea with her.

But a commitment to integrity is what really kept me in line.  It was exciting at first, but the real test was whether I would continue when the days at work were long, when I wasn’t in the mood, when I found myself at a Lake House etc.  But my commitment to my word got me through.

And not only my commitment.  It’s everyone’s commitment.  This cycle feels so different because WE ALL have been keeping the space and have been committed to integrity, and I really draw strength from that.  Not to mention your encouragement.

After a couple of weeks of doing the work of being my word, I started to feel the groove.  By the groove, I mean that everything started to feel lighter.  All of the energy that I would typically spend thinking about doing just started to evaporate.  I guess, I started to connect with the being and the doing just started to happen.  And once there, I was like, sure, might as well go after my goals.  So Dr. appointments were made, mentors were reached out to, yoga was done, pictures were taken, money managers were consulted, girls were asked out, risks were taken.  And everything felt like another FUN growth opportunity.  Integrity feels light.

The structure of PSPLife has really supported me as well.  I have an awesome buddy and my small group has been great (we have met twice).  The blog posts have been inspiring and the WhatsApp is always engaging.  I also wake up every morning and say my contract in the mirror.  Then I sit on my chair and write 5 things that I am grateful for to get me ready for the day.

The connection component of the challenge has been life changing.  I have been gifted this simple full-proof formula that allows me to create beautiful connections in minutes.  The world is new to me.

More to come, but it’s 11:59.

Peace and love.



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