A Bumpy Ride

I am feeling good today but it’s been a rough week.

I had a first date on Sunday and while I had a good time and he told me that he liked me, I left feeling disconcerted by a few things he said as well as some of his way of being so I decided not to see him again.

I didn’t have a lot scheduled on Monday and Tuesday and found myself feeling down/discouraged, especially when my Tuesday night date canceled. A great small group meeting Monday night and good therapy session on Tuesday helped me shift. Yesterday, I had a great workday on this new writing project and went to a really cool event in the evening about poly parenting.

I met a guy yesterday who I could tell was interested in me. It’s always interesting when I feel that energy from someone. He seems to be a really good, solid person but I was not attracted to him energetically. However, I felt seen and appreciated which felt really good.

I have been given feedback by a few people that a break from dating, or even just from dating apps, might be helpful for me. I have mixed feelings about this. I get that taking the pressure off for a period of time (ideally forever!) could help me shift. But I also don’t want to “waste time.” I haven’t made a decision about this yet but I am feeling more positive today and am looking forward to some fun things I have lined up over the next few weeks.

My small group provided some helpful suggestions about how I can keep better track of my progress around surrendering and being a fan of myself. I have recommitted to acknowledging myself before bed each night as well as restarted my 5 Minute Journal (a version of a gratitude journal). It feels good.

As most of you read about on the group chat, I am excited about this new business idea–helping people craft text well-written, concise, personalized text messages. I am not attached to this being “my thing” but I think it has potential and is something I would enjoy. So looking forward to seeing where it goes, as well as practicing surrender and self-love along the way.

Weekly self-acknowledgment – I am worthy—of love, of success, of it all.



3 thoughts on “A Bumpy Ride

  1. Yes, taking a break from dating apps is an interesting thought. I know some other Lifers have made efforts outside of apps to find dates such as flirting more on the train or attending more social events and/or to be more open to meeting people at these events. You are a good resource for a lot of different events and you attend a lot of these. Would it make sense to focus on meeting people through these events and/or in daily life? Maybe you already to this?


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