Consistency meets persistance equals…

The theme of last week was to continue all routines and not letting myself feel discouraged by slow results. Practicing patience and being kind to myself without getting complacent and resisting procrastination.

I got to stay active every day: biking back from work instead of taking the train, during the weekend play tennis with Mara (thank you!) and biking to Greenpoint on Sunday to hang out with Laura (thank you!). 

Pounds lost last week: 3. 

Meeting with the web designer went well: the website is ready. The shell of the website I should clarify as now comes my part of filling the galleries with photos and writing the content. I am meeting him one last time next Monday for a lesson in navigating WordPress on my own to be able to edit everything by myself in the future. It felt very challenging to let go of control and let somebody else build my website vision, and still feels strange, baby steps.
Connecting with men: one blind date with a new guy set up by a friend. He was a gentlemen and planned a very nice date. No chemistry at all although he seemed not to notice. He spent our time together fast forwarding an entire relationship on a first date and planning an entire summer of outings and getaways with me without really trying to get to know me. I felt like a placeholder for ‘insert woman here’ in his plans and dreams, with no consideration for what my plans and dreams might look like. Needy texts followed immediately after the date and the day after, with sad memes and pics for ‘not responding soon enough and ignoring him.’ Not my cup of tea. 

I am continuing my daily gratitude journal mornings and evenings. Starting and finishing my days with gratitude is now becoming a habit, and I feel very very happy about it! Brightens each day and reminds me that tomorrow is another day full of new possibilities and that’s something not be taken for granted and to be grateful for. 


2 thoughts on “Consistency meets persistance equals…

  1. Hi Buddy! I am so excited about your website! It takes a lot of courage to let people support us in creating our vision, I am glad you are starting to see the fruit of that partnership!
    Way to get after your fitness goal. I love that you are biking to work and really incorporating physical activity into your day (sounds like more fun than hitting the gym, but that’s just me).
    I love you are listening to your intuition and not engaging with someone (your date) just because he is interested. I think that’s a trap for some people, and I’m excited that you are so attuned to your needs.
    Keep it up (post more pics, please… I love your photos ; ))

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  2. I really like this post as it shows how in action you are! It definitely motivates me to continue on our goals. This is great that you have the foundation for your new website. The gratitude exercise is inspiring to me. I get to try this..


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